You've Got a Lot to See
You've Got a Lot to See is a song sung by Brian Griffin in "Brian Wallows, Peter Swallows".


Brian: The sixties brought the hippie breed,
And decades later things have changed indeed.
We lost the values but we kept the weed.
You've got a lot to see.
The Reagan years have laid the frame,
For movies stars to play the White House game.
We're not too far from voting Feldman/Haim.
You've got a lot to see.
The town of Vegas has got a different face,
Cause it's a family place with lots to do.
Where in the fifties a man could mingle with scores,
Of all the seediest whores, well now his children can too.
You've heard it from the canine's mouth,
The country's changed, that is except the South, and you'll agree.
No one really knows, my dear lady friend,
Just quite how it all will end.
So hurry, 'cause you've got a lot to see.
The baldness gene was cause for dread,
But that's a fear that you can put to bed.
They'll shave your ass and glue it on your head.
You've got a lot to see.
The PC-age has moved the bar,
A word like "redneck" is a step too far.
The proper term is "country music star".
You've got a lot to see.
Our flashy cell phones make people mumble,
"Gee whiz- look how important he is, his life must rule!"
You'll get a tumor, but on your surgery day,
The doc will see it and say, "Wow, you must really be cool!"
Tom: There's lots of things you may have missed
Adam: Like Pee Wee and his famous wrist
Cleveland: Or Sandy Duncan's creepy phony eye.
Neil: That awesome Thundercats cartoon.
Diane: Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.
Meg: Neil Armstrong? Wait, was he the trumpet guy?
Elmer: JFK was president, 'til
Stewie: Lee Harvey Oswald had him killed.
Bonnie: The Beatles broke up, after a 10-year-run.
Chris: The Beatles started, for a 10-year-run.
Brian: So let's go see the USA.
They'll treat you right unless you're black or gay or Cherokee,
But you can forgive the world and its flaws,
And follow me there because,
You've still got a hell of a lot to see.
You've got a lot to see!

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