“Bring me my general Titus! TITUS! TITUS! TITUS!"

-Madonna after Valerie committed an antic

Valerie Griffin is a bionic superhuman who trained at the Davenport Bionic Academy As much as she is beautiful, she is quite the character, and is a main character in Lab Rats: Bionic Guy. In 2017, she joined forces with Chase, Adam, Peter and Quagmire to form the Second Elite Force.

She is portrayed by Allie DeBerry


Valerie and Stewie Griffin were born in 1998 to Peter and Lois Griffin. Since raising twins was too expensive for them, they put her adoption to Douglas and Kathryn Davenport. Unlike Adam, Bree and Chase, they saw Valerie as a daughter, and didn't implant her with bionics. After fleeing the US in 2002, they raised Valerie in Canada where she lived a normal life.

When she was 14, Valerie went missing. After a long, extensive search, she was declared dead by the Canadian government. Little did the public know that she was kidnapped by bionic villain Victor Krane and implanted with bionics.

She would not be declared alive until 2015, when she fled to London. Her existence was revealed on television, but only in the UK. However, after hearing the news BBC, people tweeted it on the internet. Valerie Griffin is alive.

After Krane was defeated, she went to the Davenport Bionic Academy and trained to be a bionic hero. She came under the tutelage of Bree Davenport, and became her best student. In 2017, Valerie, along with Adam, Chase and Leo, formed the Second Elite Force.


After Krane was defeated, Valerie realized her normal life was a thing of the past. She went to the Davenport Bionic Academy, and put all her time and effort into becoming a bionic hero. By the time she got an upgrade in 2016, Valerie had come a long way. She went from being a normal teenage girl into a bold heroine. She was willing to fight her twin brother Stewie after he took over like Krane tried to.

But Valerie is no Mary Sue. Her character is much like Leo's, sassy, comedic and always ready to tell a joke. She cleverly snaps at Quagmire after he flirts with her. Also, like most teenage girls, she’s really into pop culture. She likes listening to 80s music, such as Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles.


Stewie Griffin (Twin Brother) 

Stewie and Valerie are twins, but would not meet until their first and final confrontation in 2017. By that time, Stewie killed Lois and took over the world. After Stewie threatened the world, Valerie knew it was time to take him out.


Chase Davenport (Boyfriend) 

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Unlike most girls, Valerie is very nice to Chase. They first meet in The Final Countdown, where she stays with Chase soon after defeating Stewie. They next day, they share their first kiss, and dated ever since.

Powers and Abilities

After receiving a new chip in "The Vanishing", Valerie had her bionics upgraded; now they are 10 times more powerful than before. 

Bionic Abilities

  • Super Strength: Like Adam, Valerie has superhuman strength. When fighting Stewie in Stewie Kills Lois, she was shown to use a full-sized American flag as a baseball bat to throw Stewie aside.
  • Super Speed: Like Bree did, Valerie can travel at the speed of sound. Not only can she use it for travel, Valerie can use her super speed to makle food in under a minute It's inferred that she can use it as a speed boat, as Valerie and Quagmire went from America to England in The Phantom Rebel.
  • Energy Blast: Valerie can generate streams of blue energy and use it against villains. It was able to stop the black swarm in The Final Countdown. She used it to clash with Sebastian's electricity, and threw him against the wall.
  • Geo-Leap: Like most bionic soldiers, Valerie can geo leap anywhere in the world. In The Phantom Rebel. she used her super strength to geo-leap Lexi Krane to Antarctica after he charged at her,

Non-Bionic Abilities

  • Pop Culture Expertise: Valerie is an expert on pop culture, which proved to be handy on several missions. When finding the shapeshifter base in the Tower of London, Valerie thought the elevator was like the entrance to Hogwarts. She was right.
  • Quick Thinking: When fighting villains, Valerie can find creative ways on how to defeat them. She knew that Sebastian was allergic to papaya in The Phantom Rebel. and made him drink a smoothi


  • She likes music from the 1980s
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