Peter Digging Underground
Undergrounded is an episode of Family Guy.


Peter gets grounded by Lois after wasting his family's money via credit card, so be digs an underground escape tunnel, leading from his room to The Drunken Clam.


Lois Stupidly Doesn't Know Peter is Gone
Peter secretly gets a credit card after running out of cash at the Drunken Clam at the encouragement of the guys. After going on a spending spree, Lois grounds him for acting like a child. Desperate to escape the house, he builds a tunnel all the way to the Clam. When he shows off his handiwork to the guys, they end up trapped when the tunnel collapses.

Afraid that they may run out of air before being found, Peter confesses that their only hope is that Brian rats them out to Lois. The former lies to her about where Peter is, but tells Stewie who manages to trigger enough clues to locate them. While passing the time, they share secrets in their lives. The rescuers get them out and Lois rips into Peter for lying to her as he apologizes, but complains that she always treats him like a kid.

Trapped Underground
In a flashback of Peter's secret of Lois killing a person during their honeymoon 20 years previously to close the episode, they are in a seaside cafe and Peter selects the waitress for assassination because the chef says he can't make a chocolate chip & gumball pizza as Lois pulls out a gun and tells Peter that she loves him so much.


Major Roles

Minor Roles


Cleveland: You were in Seinfeld?
Joe: Yeah, that's right.

[Peter makes a kid a fart balloon animal]
Peter: Don't pop that. You'll throw up.

Chris: Hey, dad. What do you got there?
Peter: Chris, I got us lobsters for dinner.
Chris: Cool! Can ... Can I kill them?
Peter: Hmmm, let me think ... Of course you can kill them, sport!

[A giant lobster shoves Peter's head into a boiling pot of water]
Chris: Stop! You're killing him!
Lobster: [sarcastic] No, that's just air escaping. They can't feel anything.

[Peter uses a flesh light]
Peter: I'm surprised this thing still works after the day we had...meaning I had sex with it.
Chris: I know!
Lois: We get it!
Meg: Ew!
Stewie: Five minutes ago, I had that flashlight under my chin to look scary.

[In Klingon]
Peter: Where'd you learn Klingon?
Lois: A couple of girls who do my nails are Klingons and I just had to know if they were talking about me.
Peter: Oh, word?

Lois: I found your account online. Monday night, you said you were working late but there's a $62 charge at the clam.
Peter: So, whoever stole my card is still in town.

[Peter works as a birthday singer, who sings birthday songs with long, drawn-out clapping breaks]
Peter: We heard someone had a birthday.
Birthday Singers: H [claps] A [claps] P [claps] P [claps] ...
[A very long time later]
Birthday Singers: [claps] T [claps] E! Happy birthday, Charlotte!
Guy: Excuse me, my table is celebrating the birthday of deceased Hawaiin pop singer, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.

Peter: Look, our internet connection.
[Peter unplugs his wifi]
Chris: [offscren] Mom!
[Peter plugs it back in]
Chris: [offscreen] Nevermind.
[Peter unplugs it]
Chris: [offscreen] Mom!
[Peter plugs it back in]
Chris: [offscreen] Nevermind.
[Peter unplugs The Brown-Tubbs wifi]
Cleveland: [offscreen] Donna!
[Peter unplugs the Swanson wifi]
Joe: [offscreen] Bonnie!
[Peter unplugs the Quagmire wifi]
Quagmire: [offscreen] I'm not on the internet. Some people in this neighborhood read.

Cleveland: Anyway, it was a beautiful ceremony. We laid my Uncle Reggie to rest with the respect that he deserved.
[Peter digs up through the ground]
Cleveland: AH! Uncle Reggie! I'm sorry we stuffed you in that Hefty Cinch Sack and pushed you in the pond!

Stewie: What is it? What is it boy?
Brian: [barks]
Stewie: The fat man dug a tunnel to go hang out with Cleveland, Joe, and Quagmire? We've gotta tell someone!
[Stewie goes to tell Lois]
Lois: What is it, Stewie?
Lois: Daddy went to a Peter Cetera concert in Cleveland with Robin Tunney? I've gotta tell Chris!
[Lois goes to tell Chris]
Chris: What is it, Mom?
Chris: Robin Tunney from The Mentalist slept with the entire Cleveland Browns team? I've gotta spread the word!
[Chris goes to tell Meg]
Meg: What is it, Chris?
Meg: Bad Moms 1 and 2 are available for purchase on most streaming platforms? I've gotta let the audience know!
[Peter digs to the surface]
Peter: Don't-Don't do that, Mila. Not on this show.

Chris: I'm about to take my laptop into the bathroom. I ask that you please respect my privacy in this difficult time. Thank you.

Quagmire: Anyone else having trouble breathing?
Peter: Could just be allergies.
Quagmire: [angry] Yeah. Yeah, you think it's allergies? You don't think it's because we're RUNNING OUT OF AIR!?
[the two argue over each other]
Peter: It's hard to say. I don't know how severe your allergies are. Different people are allergic.
Quagmire: [angry] You are such a moron! You know, I hope we do die down here.
Peter: [sarcastic] Oh, that's nice.
Quagmire: [angry] So I never have to listen to another word out of your mouth!
Peter: [sarcastic] That's a nice thing to say to a lifelong friend.
[Quagmire sneezes]
Peter: Ahhhh. Ahhh.
Quagmire: I'm gonna kill you, Peter!

Cleveland: So if we're all gonna die anyway, what's the worst thing you guys have ever done?
Peter: Okay, I'll go first. Lois once killed a woman.
Quagmire: Seems like a secret about Lois.
Peter: Yeah but I picked out the woman.

Quagmire What's that sound?
Peter: Probably just the movie in the next theater.

Tom: So, Chris. You happy to have your dad back?
Chris: Yeah, you know what, Tom? I think we're all gonna go home and charge our laptops a little longer tonight. Just never know when you're gonna run out of juice and have to use your phone.
Tom: [tears up] You know, just because we're reporters doesn't mean we're devoid of emotion. Go on and head home with your family.
Chris: Thanks, Tom.
Tom: [wipes away tears] That's a ... That's a very horny kid right there.

Lois: Well, this has been a traumatic string of events but I'm just happy everything is back to normal and everyone's okay.
[The ground starts to shake]
Brian: What's happening!?
Meg: It's an earthquake!
Joe: Peter, all those tunnels you dug under the neighborhood must have created a sinkhole!
Peter: Oh no! We gotta get out of here before we-
[The ground caves in and everybody in the neighborhood and all their houses fall down and get destroyed; Patrick Star from Spongebob is shown, reading a book, narrating the story]
Patrick: Everybody died. The end. Thanks for tuning in to Family Guy tonight guys. Now, while I have this platform, I'd just like to say to the NFL, eat sperm you fucking assholes! Yeah, ... didn't think you'd hear a icon from your childhood cuss tonight, did you? Well, that's what happens when you disrespect our creator ... BYYYYYEEEEEE!!!

[20 years ago, Peter and Lois go on a date for their honeymoon]
Waitress: I'm sorry, sir. The chef said he can't make a chocolate chip gumball pizza.
Peter: Oh-ho. That's okay. It's not your fault. I'll just need another minute then.
[The waitress leaves]
Peter: [grimly] Her.
[Lois pulls out a gun]
Lois: I'm on it. I love you so much.


  • Cleveland has a secret mailbox kept from Donna at Mail Boxes Etc..
    • Joe also receives checks at Mail Boxes Etc and claims to have been on Seinfeld. Patrick Warburton played the role of "David Puddy" on the show.
  • This is the second consecutive episode to take a shot at Anne Hathaway, with Lois attacking Peter for comparing her to Anne in "Short Cuts", and Peter rejecting a chance to go see a film of hers with Lois and Tom Brady here.
  • As part of his escape plan, Peter hangs himself similarly to Brooks's death in The Shawshank Redemption. He did the same thing earlier in "Tiegs for Two".
  • The sign on the donkey at the Mexican doctor reads "Aborto Andale". This is supposed to mean "fast abortions", but ándale actually means "all right" or "come on!"
  • Cleveland reports that his 'uncle Reggie' was laid to rest, but when Peter digs his way up through the floor of the Drunken Clam, he apologizes for stuffing him in a garbage bag and dumping him in a pond.

Cultural References

  • Joe Cocker's "When the Night Comes" plays as Peter runs to Lois after being pulled from the tunnel.
  • Cleveland is a fan of Kid 'n Play; Joe likes Coldplay.
  • Meg mentions that Bad Moms and A Bad Moms Christmas, both starring her voice actor Mila Kunis, are available on streaming services.
  • Peter references Tina Fey's American Express commercials.
  • Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants appears at the end of the episode, (voiced by his actual voice actor Bill Fagerbakke), narrating the story.
    • Patrick ending the story with "Everybody died" is a reference to a famous quote of his from the Spongebob episode, "Something Smells".
    • Patrick insulting the NFL is a reference to how fans of Spongebob signed a petition to have a song from Spongebob ("Sweet Victory") play during the 2019 superbowl to honor the life of show creator, Stephen Hillenburg, (who died a year prior), only for the NFL to play the fanfare intro of the song and then cut it short to feature some stupid rapper (Travis Scott) singing some shitty rap song. As you can guess, backlash from fans was unbridled and this is one of the instances of public outrage.
    • Patrick referring to his cussing as "Sailor Mouth" is a reference to the episode "Sailor Mouth", wherein Spongebob and Patrick start "cussing" (which is really just dolphin chirps, seal barks, boat foghorns, etc.) and they refer to the profanities as "Sailor Mouth".
    • Patrick telling the NFL to "Eat Sperm" is a reference to the episode "Chocolate With Nuts" and how during the episode, Patrick had a widely misheard line of dialogue, wherein he said "Please, spare me." which many have often misinterpereted as something along the lines of "Eat Sperm."

Deleted Scenes

  • Cleveland saying "I don't think they're going for it."
  • Quagmire admitting to liking Smitty.
  • Joe making bad whip sound effects.
  • Joe making bad whip sound effects again.
  • Peter saying "fart", when describing his job.
  • Two moms talking about Peter making fart balloon animals.
  • Peter recapping the plot to Brian at the beginning of the second act.
  • Lois pretending everything is fine on Facebook.
  • Peter working at Clappy's Birthday Restaurant.
  • Lois being present at Tom Brady's street event.
  • Peter finding his old wedding Tucks medicated pads.
  • Alternate opening of Peter fighting the black belt, where it's revealed the black belt is a girl too early.
  • Peter telling Joe that the way he said "You've been a busy boy" wasn't all that cool.
  • Peter showing the guys, where he faceplanted when trying to do a cartwheel.
  • The Dumb Beaver makes a joke about how everyone is dying.
  • Alternate take on Cleveland and Joe's joke about the elements.
  • Joe admitting to going to a Coldplay concert on purpose and Cleveland thinking about going to a Coldplay concert by mistake.
  • The guys talk about kissing practice.
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