Tyrone Stone
Tyrone Stone is the third husband of Carol West and the first African-American to hold the position of Carol's husband. He appeared in "Brothers & Sisters".


A year after the divorce of Randall Carrington, Carol believed it was time for her to start anew and get married again. She went onto the same dating website she met her previous husband on and saw that since she was gone, a bunch of guys liked her and were willing to meet her. She started to look through all of the guys, but as soon as she saw the first guy, she jumped the gun and planned on meeting him. That guy was Tyrone Stone. Carol and Tyrone really hit things off and had a nice time together. However, in typical Carol fashion, she took things too far and as per use, she proposed to him after six months.

Lois and Babs were hesitant to let Carol get married to this man because of the fact that they'd only known each other for such a short amount of time and her previous two marriages didn't turn out so well. Carter was hesitant about them getting married because he was black. They ignored these concerns and went on to get married anyway. The rest of her family decided it would be best to let her do what she wanted even if they didn't like it.

Carter blew $20 million on a wedding for Carol and Tyrone and their marriage actually went quite well. Tyrone was the first husband of Carol's that Peter didn't secretly hate. All in all, Tyrone was a pretty nice guy, but he just wasn't her type. They broke up after being married for three months.

Upon hearing the news, Lois and Babs hung their heads, as they knew Babs' marital decisions were getting a little ridiculous. However, they still felt it was right to hold their tongues and not criticize her. Carter on the other hand, applauded her for standing up for herself and dumping the man who was "no good for her".

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