Summary: (made up) all the Way from season 2, Tom tucker has had a secret crush on Diane Simmons, His Fellow News Reporter.

The Weather Mime Starts To Notice Tom Tucker's Weird Behavior Near Febuary

The Weather Mime Decides To Spy On Tom Tucker, And He Saw Him At A Womans Clothing Store.

But Why?

When Tom Gets Home, The Mime Sees Tom With Wrapping Paper. he Might Be Sending A Present To A Certian Woman. but Who?

He Looks Real Carefully on The Box, And It Says

From: Tom Tucker

To: Diane Simmons

Immeadtly, With The Evidence, He Takes A Photo and goes to visit Diane.

(rings doorbell)

Diane: who is it?(opens door) oh it's you, weather mime, come in.

so, what's going on?

weather mime: (does sign language) I think Tom Tucker May be in love with you

Diane: no, someone like me?

Weather mime: (sign language) I have proof

Weather mime: (sign language) by the way, he gave you a huge, Truck sized diamond

Diane: oh.. Um.. Ok, I'll talk to him tomorrow. (Closes door)

(in the morning)

Tom : Hello Diane

Diane: Tom, I Know One Of Your Secrets.

Tom: What?

Diane: Your In Love With Me

(Diane and Tom kiss)

Cameraman: Diane, Tom!

Cameraman: it's not a secret anymore, i just recorded the whole thing.

Tom: well delete That fucking thing, it's embarrassing, and anyone who watched it would be a whore!

Cameraman: umm... Tom? This is Live Feed.

Tom: we'll then I have a message to everyone in quahog.

Tom: your all whores!!!

(the end)

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