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Tom Tucker
Tom Tucker

Thomas Tucker




News Anchor


Jake Tucker (son)
Stacy Tucker (wife)
Tim Tucker (twin brother)
Tom Tucker, Sr. (father)
Uncle Tom Tucker (great ancestor)

Thomas "Tom" Tucker, Jr. is the head news reporter for the Quahog 5 News. He's a vain, narcissistic, mustached man, who recaps the news in pleasing baritone. He is voiced by Seth MacFarlane".


He was married to Stacy Tucker, whom he divorced sometime between "North by North Quahog" and "Mother Tucker". They had one son together, Jake Tucker, whose face is upside-down. He often uses hookers and in "Petarded" had a dead one. He becomes Thelma Griffin's boyfriend in "Mother Tucker". Meg developed a crush on him in "The Kiss Seen Around the World".

In "And Then There Were Fewer", Diane murdered James Woods, Derek Wilcox, Stephanie, Muriel Goldman, and Priscilla, and framed Tom. Tom was sent to jail for the crime. Prior to this, he suggested to his boss to have a young sexy blonde replace Diane as co-anchor. He was exonerated after Lois found out that Diane was the real killer, as he appears in "Excellence in Broadcasting", mentioning Diane's death and her murders. He also introduced new co-anchor Kinney. He was also one of the many characters to be incorporated into the updated opening sequence.


Tom Tucker is an adult Caucasian male with brown hair and a mustache and a stupid butt chin.


Tom is not one to be politically correct, nor does he take into account the feelings of anyone, including co-anchors Diane Simmons and most recently, Joyce Kinney. He would often make fun of Diane. All this until the modern seasons, where he is a good friend with Peter Griffin and he he never mistreated Joyce...maybe almost never (Tea Peter).


  • Originally, his name was intended to be Mike Tucker.
  • Seth MacFarlane says Tom Tucker is the easiest voice to do, which is weird because when voicing, Brian Griffin he uses his normal speaking voice.