Todd Mcfinnigan
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Todd Griffin

Todd Mcfinnigan is the old pet dog of the Mcfinnigan family. He was put down because of his sphincter's low shutter speed and replaced by Brian Mcfinnigan. He's a dead dog.


In "Deep Throats", A cutaway featured him coughing and gagging of disease, and clearly on the brink of death. Peter suggested he take him for a car ride, which Todd suspected was his way of taking him to the vet. Peter flat out lied to him, denying this, and got Todd taken to the vet, where he was promptly put down.

On his way back from the vet, Peter went to the car wash, and then on his way home, had his newly cleaned car, sullied by the homeless Brian Mcfinnigan, who wiped his windshield with newspaper. Peter decided to let Brian under his wing and adopted him into The Griffin Family Household. (Brian Mcfinnigan: Portrait of a Dog)

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