Tiffany Phong
Full name

Tiffany Phong


early 20s


Intern at Quahog 5 News Station

Voiced by

Lucy Lui

Tiffany Phong is one of Brian's ex-girlfriends. She is young college student when Brian started pursuing a relationship with her. Tiffany had a strict upbringing causing herself to not be able to fully commit herself to Brian because she was afraid of her parents' opinion. Brian convinces her to reveal their relationship to her parents and not caring about what they say. Revealing her relationship with Brian causes as huge fight between her and her parents, which ends with her being kicked out of her house. Brian tries to offer her comfort but is shocked to realize that she feels a sense of relief and happiness. Tiffany quickly spirals out of control. Brian tries to defend her actions saying that her parents had such a tight leash on her that it makes sense that she would react this way. When it becomes clear she is going to ruin her life, he calls off the relationship and tells her to reconcile with her parents.

The two eventually meet again when Tiffany gets an internship at Quahog 5 News Station. Their relationship ends after an argument. A week after their relationship ends, Brian tries to go back for her only to learn she is having rebound sex with Tom Tucker. This ends their relationship for good.

When bringing up old girlfriends, Brian says that Tiffany is dating someone she meet off of Tinder. He also bitterly adds that she posts a lot of pictures of him on her Instagram.

Tiffany is then seen with him at a barbecue, revealing that he is black and in the Marine Corps.


  • Tiffany is of Vietnamese heritage.
  • Tiffany is bisexual.
  • Tiffany has black hair and while her eyes are colored black, Brian describes them as "chocolate brown".
  • Tiffany is a huge Big Sean fan.
  • She dreams of being an editor of a wide spread magazine.
  • Tiffany's boyfriend being black is reference to the episode when Brian was thought to be racist toward blacks.
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