Teigs for Two
Tiegs for Two is an episode of Family Guy.


After striking out with a girl one again, Brian desperately crawls up to his long-time enemy, Glenn Quagmire, for dating advice. Meanwhile, Peter's favorite shirt gets lost at the laundromat and he blames the owner, Mr. Washee Washee.




Major Roles

Minor Roles



Deleted Scenes

  • Peter saying that if he wore another color, it would only throw people.
  • Peter sadly saying that he never went to college.
  • Peter calls Mr. Washee Washee over for dinner.
  • Cutaway to the Bubo coming over to The Griffin House for dinner.
  • Peter gets released from jail and hangs himself.
  • Quagmire busting into The Griffin House to get mad at Brian for dating Cheryl Tiegs.
  • Peter having some medieval soldiers light the beacons.
  • Jillian saying that Quagmire mad her face away during sex.
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