Opie and Peter and Foaud and Brian and Chris are in the house running laundry for the day and then they leave there houses. Opie gets in the car and drives out of the garage and driveway and then goes to the houses in Compton and then finds a group of Security guards and then Opie kills them and then meets the guy Jack Ferrara. Opie has security guards incoming and then Opie kills them and then leaves the house. Opie goes inside the house to meet the security employee named Samuel Vincent (Vincent Piazza) and then he talks to him about reparing the computer.

Opie gets a code and then leaves Samuel's house and then exits. Opie has incoming security guards to kill And then escapes with Peter and Foaud and Brian and Chris and Jack and then they drive home. Opie kills the security guards in his neighborhood.

Cast Opie as Julian Glover Peter Griffin as Seth MacFarlane Fraud San Seth Rogen Brian Griffin as Seth MacFarlane Chris Griffin as Seth Green Samuel Vincent as Vincent Piazza

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