It all starts out at a rave bar, Margaret Chevapravatdumrong and her sister Joyce (Joyce Kinney) were dancing to nice raving music.

"Hey Maggie", said Joyce, "I just thought of something, I bet if we turn around, we could be dancing to our dance partners we might bang with them at the restrooms."

"Alright Joycey, you on!" Margaret replied.

"Then on three" Said Joyce as they both count together at the same time. "One, two, three!" And they both turn around, Joyce turned around to find Bruce behind and he then noticed her.

"Oh hey there." Bruce said, "How ya doin' there?" "Want to dance with me and then make out?" Joyce asked Bruce. "What? Oh no! Sorry darlin, but I'm already hooked with Jeffery." "Shut up and with me!" Jeffrey called out offscreen.

Meanwhile with Margaret, She turned around to find three drunk guys, on the table. One was skinny with a huge chin, one was a slightly chubby African-American, and one is fat wearing glasses. They only were drinking glasses of beer. "Excuse me," Margaret asked, "Would any of you three want to dance and make out with me?

The three looked at her. "Called it!" Peter cried. "Call it!" Quagmire said next until her realized he's too late. "God dammit!" Quagmire said. "Then this means I'm the winner." He then joins in dancing with Margaret.

"But didn't he just marry Lois about 3 years ago?" Cleveland asked. "I don't think she'll notice, we've only came here to drink anyway."

 Chapter 1: Emily’s Introduction


15 Years Later, Present Day

(Emily's POV)

My name is Emily Violet Jane Lovegood, I was formally called Chevapravatdumrong. I resided in a small city of Providence, Road Island. Life was good back then, I wake from my bed and come to my kitchen for breakfast and give a good morning greeting to my mother, Margaret Lovegood.

EMILY: Morning mom!

I said to her./p

MARGARET: Morning sweety.

She would say back. She is one nice housewife and a great cook, I too can cook, it's in my gene, I once had a part time summer job at McBurgertown.

EMILY: Morning Dad!

I said to my father, Wilbur Lucius Lovegood.

WILBUR: Morning to you too, Emmy.

He was a very nice dad, although he's always busy with his business, he works as an executive for Cheesie Charlie's,

EMILY: Hey Jacky

And finally my little brother Jack Niel Lovegood.

JACK: Morning sis, I head that for dinner tomorrow is that we'll be having sewer rats cooked on the barbecue with a drop of feces on the side.


JACK: Relax sis, I'm only kidding.

He is such a teaser and a comedian, he always makes me laugh. after I get my breakfast, walk down the stairs of my appartment and then get on the bus for Providence High School, I'm in my second year, I have been on of the most likable students at Providence High, I have been a top student for cooking, archery, history and drama. I also enjoy making video blogs about myself and throughout my life sometimes when I feel like doing it, each time I make one, I would post them on youtube. My life was good, but today, things are about to change,

I was in the back seat on the driver side of a Mercedes sedan, I was sitting back listening to "Weenie and the Butt."

BUTT: This is "Weenie and the Butt" live, at Quahog's new Hotel, penthouse restaurant on 97.1.


BUTT: And that was "Material Girl" by Madonna. So what do we have coming up Weenie?

WEENIE: Well, Quahog's stand up comedian Styler Bootsy is will preform a live stand up act tonight at this restaurant. Oh, but it looks like everyone's leaving.

BUTT: Already? But they haven't got their authentic meal yet.

WEENIE: Excuse me, but why are you leaving? Didn't you know you haven't eaten yet?

HOLDEN CAULFIELD: Well, to answer this. Why would anyone want to watch Styler Bootsy's performance? Everyone hates him because he's never a funny person because he's nothing but a Phony! A big fat PHONEY!

WEENIE: Ooh, we forgot about his comedic rating, they always tell because, "He no funny!" Butt Slame!

[Cartoon sound effects was then heard.]

We were on our way to Newport when suddenly,


I shouted, a car full of drunk prep boys accidentally, crashed at my car, after it happened, I was blacked out for who knows how long I've been out.

Chapter 2: The Hospital


(Emily's POV)

I was awakened and everything looks blurry around, I don't hear anything except for beeping sounds which you would hear on a heart monitor, then I heard a voice.

DR. HARTMAN: Well, looks like little miss knockout has finally awake. Nurse, tell the morgue to cancel, it turns out she's recovering

NURSE: Yes Sir.

EMILY: *groaned* Ugh, what happened, where am I?

My blurry vision became focused after I asked.

DR. HARTMAN: Why your in the Quahog Hospital?

I was attached to an IV, my head and my arm was bandaged, I'm cladded in a turquoise hospital shirt and a strange padded feeling in the crotch.

EMILY: Who are you?

DR. HARTMAN: Oh come on, don't you remember me? I'm Dr. Elmer Hartman. (To himself) Great, I'm going to have to report that she has amnesia.

EMILY: Doctor, I can remember very well, I don't have amnesia. I'm Emily Violet Jane Lovegood, I'm born in Providence, Rhode Island, My favorite color is purple, my favorite food is Pepperoni Pizza, My parents names are- Wait, were are my parents?

DR. HARTMAN: (To himself) Oh, guess she don't have amnesia. (To Emily) How come you don't remember me?

EMILY: First off, I never even visited you, second, I asked you a question, where's my parents?!

DR. HARTMAN: Who's parents?

EMILY: My Parents! Wilbur and Magaret Lovegood...

DR. HARTMAN: Oh them? Well Im sorry I have to say this but, your parents and your brother are dead.

EMILY: What?!

DR. HARTMAN: They died in a car crash you in, they're now at the morgue, but we can't see them.

EMILY: What, why?

DR. HARTMAN: For one thing, I'm banned from going in there and they don't allow any visitors in there.

I started to cry after hearing this.

DR. HARTMAN: There there, we're sorry this happened to you.

EMILY: (Sobbing) Why would they have to go so soon?! I now lost my family, and now I won't be able to see them again!

DR. HARTMAN: (To himself) Poor girl. (To Emily) Please don't cry Ms. Griffin, because if you cry, (sobbing) It makes me want to cry too!

a few seconds later, I stopped crying in and got confused.

EMILY: Wait, Griffin? Why did you call me Griffin.

Dr. Hartman stopped crying.

DR. HARTMAN: Oh about that, Wilbur Lovegood isn't your biological father.

EMILY: What? Of course he is!

DR. HARTMAN: No, he isn't, your DNA doesn't even match with Wilbur's, you family record said that your mother married him two years after you we're born.

EMILY: How can you tell?

DR. HARTMAN: Your family records and your birth certificate.

Dr. Hartman show me my birth certificate and it shows my name, birth, and my mothers name, but father's name wasn't on it. instead, it say's "Some random drunk fat guy."

EMILY: "Some random drunk fat guy"? So your saying my mother was raped?

DR. HARTMAN: Actually, your mother's medical record said that this fat guy was drunk and matted with her by mistake and thought he came home and called her 'Lois', she had to let it go because he was drunk, so when you were knocked out, we've took a bit of your DNA to match with the DNA to find your biological father and of course, we found him.

EMILY: So, who's my real father?

DR. HARTMAN: Why, your father of course is Peter Griffin.

I then looked at again and ponder.

EMILY: (To herself) Mom... why didn't you tell me in the first place?

Death opened the door and came into my room.

DEATH: So where's to the dead corpse of Emily Violet Jane Griffin?

DR. HARTMAN: Sorry Death, false alarm, Emily Griffin is still alive and recovering.

DEATH: Oh, then I guess it's only three bodies who died in that car crash.

Death walks out the door and left.

EMILY: So when will I be out?

DR. HARTMAN: Oh, you be out and recovered in a week and right now, it smells like you need a change.

EMILY: Change, what do you mean by that?

DR. HARTMAN: Well due to the effects from that car accident, your bowls lost control which mean you are permanently incontinent, which is why it be best for you to wear some protective undergarments.

EMILY: What!?

I flapped the covers off and saw that I was wearing an adult diaper, so that's why I felt some padding at the crotch, also when I was chatting with Dr. Hartman I found out I've soiled myself unaware.

EMILY: How is this even possible?

DR. HARTMAN: Like said, your incontinent, speaking of which,

Dr. Hartman spoke though a communicator on the wall.

DR. HARTMAN: Nurse, you might want to come up, young Emily Griffin here need's changing.

NURSE: (From the intercom) Yes, Doctor.

EMILY: Why do I have to wear that?! It makes me look absolutely ridiculous, and also I crapped myself due to medical condition, I look like such a fool...

DR. HARTMAN: I'm sorry this happened to you, but you have no other option but to wear these 24/7.

EMILY: But I don't want anybody to see me in this, if the did, I'll be the laughing stock in Rhode Island...

DR. HARTMAN: Well, if you don't want to be embarrassed, why don't you wear a dress?

EMILY: Well… I could go with that...

The Nurse came in a few minutes later and then unfastened the tabs from my undergarment and then started to wipe me.

EMILY: So my father all this time is a fat guy named Peter Griffin?

DR. HARTMAN: Why yes.

EMILY: How did you know him anyway?

DR. HARTMAN: Well, he always comes here with his family, and when your mother's family record said that "Some fat man" has mated with your mother thinking it's "Lois", then it became obviously Peter Griffin.

EMILY: What makes you think it's him?

As I asked, my nurse had fastened my fresh adult diaper on me.

DR. HARTMAN: Well, it was obvious since he's the only fat guy in town who has wife named Lois.

EMILY: I guess it makes sense...

A week has passed since I have woken up from my coma, both my arm and head got better since I no longer need my bandagers or my IV, but I'm still cladded in a disposable undergarment, I now feel humiliated since I had no choice but to wear them permanently. Today's my day for me to leave this hospital. Just then, Dr. Hartman came in.

DR. HARTMAN: Good morning Emily, I see your all up and about.

EMILY: Indeed I am but I'm kind of nervous when I leave this hospital.

DR. HARTMAN: I understand you didn't want to go because of… 'that', but we know that this place isn't a place for people to live.

EMILY: I understand that, but I don't want anyone to notice my adult diaper, do have a dress for me to wear when I go out.

DR. HARTMAN: Well you are going to be wearing a black dress today because your going to be attending your family's funeral.

Just then, a man wearing a pair of glasses came in holding a black dress on its hanger.

WEINSTEIN: Hello Emily.

EMILY: Uh, hi, who might you be?

WEINSTEIN: I am Max Weinstein, accountant, I'm hear to take you to the funeral and help you move.

EMILY: Move, where?

DR. HARTMAN: After I told Mr. Weinstein and the Court about this, they agreed to let you move in with you biological father, Peter Griffin.

EMILY: I'm moving in with my real dad, are you sure about this?

DR. HARTMAN: Why yes, he's a real nice guy with his loving wife Lois, his kids, Meg, Chirs and Stewie.

WEINSTEIN: I also know him because I once helped him get back his money he used by volcano insurance.

EMILY: Volcano insurance?

WEINSTEIN: It's a phony insurance that this salesman sold your father to.

Chapter 3: The Funeral and a New Home


(Emily's POV)

Mr. Weinstein and I left the hospital and we got into his black sedan and he drove me to the Quahog Cemetery, I was already prepared in my black dress along with black eyeliners and dark purple lipstick and some dark purple hair dye on part of my hair, my family was there, my grandparents, my Aunt Joyce, some of my old friends, and some of my parents' friends. Dark clouds loom over as everyone I know made a few dedicated speeches about my mom, my step-dad and my brother, then it was my turn for the speech.

EMILY: I never knew something like this would ever happen to them, I will alway miss them even if they're in my heart, I had a perfect childhood with them until the were gone, now my childhood is over. Jack, you have been the funniest brother I've ever known, I can always remember them. Dad, or should I say Wilbur, you have been a good father to me, even when I found out your not my biological father, and Mom, (Tears swell up in her eyes) I will miss you most, I will always love you, you've everything I needed to know and so I just have to say, "Goodbye mother, you've always been with me".

Once I finished my speech, the bagpipe player preformed "Amazing Grace" which was heard in "Star Trek: Wrath of Khan" as it rains while the coffins were being lowered to their holes as I tossed a rose down to each of their coffins.

Once the funeral's over, Mr. Weinstein drove me to my house, or should I say "My former House", when I got there, I changed out of my funeral dress and look for something different to wear since I used to wear a pink sleeveless crop top and a pair of jeans originally but now that I'm cladded in disposable undergarments, I had to wear something different to hide it. So I decided to wear a pink dress which can go down to my knees, some long black and purple striped tube socks, and a pair of black mary-jane shoes, the funny thing about me wearing this dress with stockings and a strip of purple hair, I kinda look like an average teenage girl in the 1980s (Man I miss those days) except for the fact that I'm wearing adult diapers due to the fact I'm incontinent. After I changed into my dress, I packed up everything I needed, my clothes, my light purple hair dye, my DVD collections and my old family picture which is on my mom's desk in her bedroom, when I looked a it for a minute, tears trickled down my cheek. Also I found my mom's old sapphire necklace, it is small and thin, my mother used to wear it during her wedding, I decided to put in on around my neck so I could remember her in love and respect. Once my bags we're packed up, I place them in Mr. Weinstein's trunk and then we drove away, it was still raining out.

WEINSTEIN: Is that all you gonna need?

EMILY: Not quite, I'm also gonna need my bed, my TV and my PC computer.

WEINSTEIN: I'll have the movers take them to your new house once they give you your own room, if it's alright.

EMILY: Thanks.

After a thirty minute drive, We then took a stop at Goldman's Pharmacy because I had to take Dr. Hartman's advice to buy myself some undergarments.

MORT GOLDMAN: Why Hello, welcome to Goldman's Pharmacy, I'm Mort Goldman, what can I get you?

EMILY: Uh, Hi, I'm hear to buy some disposable undergarments for the incontinence.

MORT GOLDMAN: Oh, so you want to buy a pack of adult diapers, over on isle 2.

EMILY: Thanks.

I went over to isle 2 and picked out their store brand in size medium, then I payed him $36.39

MORT GOLDMAN: Thanks for stopping by Goldman's Pharmacy.

After I paid, I carried them out and put them in the trunk and moved on to my destination.

5 minutes had passed until we arrived at our destination, 31 Spooner Street.

WEINSTEIN: Here we are, 31 Spooner Street, your new home.

He got out his car holding his umbrella, opened the trunk and took out my bags and then opened my door and then I came out shelter under his umbrella, It was a very nice house I've ever seen, it was yellow with blue shingles, a red door and a screen patio, we walked to their door and he rang the door bell and then I heard two voices behind the door, one sounded like a British man, and the other sounded like an ordinary gentleman.

STEWIE: Could somebody get the door?

BRIAN: I got it.

Then the door opened to reveal a white dog standing on two legs.

BRIAN: Mr. Weinstein, I didn't expect to see you, who this young lady?

EMILY: Hi, I'm Emily Lovegood, is your owner home?

STEWIE: Brian, who's at the door?

BRIAN: It's Mr. Weinstein and a teenage girl named Emily Lovegood.

STEWIE: That Jewish accountant and a girl we don't know?

WEINSTEIN: Is Mr. Griffin home?

The white dog then noticed a red car drove up to their driveway driven by a fat man wearing glasses, a white shirt and green pants who came out of his car.

BRIAN: He is now. (To Peter) Hey Peter, Mr. Weinstein's here to see you!

Then the fat man came up to Mr. Weinstein as a woman with short red hair and a triangular nose in a size of sandwich wearing a light green shirt and beige pants came down the stairs.

PETER: Mr. Weinstein, It's so good to see you again, who is this girl your with?

WEINSTEIN: This is Emily Violet Jane Lovegood, she's your biological daughter.

Then everyone else stared at me in shock.


PETER: I have another daughter?

LOIS: Peter, how did you get another daughter, have you been cheating on me?!

PETER: No Lois, I would never cheat on you, honest, how would I know if I hook up with another woman, I don't remember all that.

WEINSTEIN: Well your record said that 15 years ago, you have but you don't remember it because you were drunk.

PETER: Oh… I didn't realize that, but still, how can it be me? It could've been someone else.

WEINSTEIN: Well, to make you more convinced, I've got her blood test results, and it proves that you are his father.

Peter looked at my results and found what Mr. Weinstein said is true.

PETER: Holly Crap! She really is my daughter after all!

LOIS: Anyway, why is she her?

EMILY: I'm going to be moving in because last week, my old family died in a car accident.

LOIS: *gasps* Oh my god...

PETER: You poor girl… How did this happen?

EMILY: I was on my way to Newport until some drunk frat boys, crashed into my old family's car, I was in that car accident too but luckily, I survived but sadly due to my injuries, I ended up permanently incontinent.

LOIS: Oh my God, I'm so sorry to hear that, you are gladly welcome to stay.

PETER: But Lois, where will she sleep? There's no room for her to sleep in.

LOIS: Well for now, she will be sleeping in my piano room where I teach my Piano lessons until we've added another room for her in the basement.

WEINSTEIN: Well I better go now, I have work tomorrow, and Mr. Griffin, once your house expansion's finished, let me know so I can have the movers bring in her stuff will you?

PETER: Sure thing, Mr. Weinstein.

WEINSTEIN: And Emily, good luck with your new home.

EMILY: Thank you, Mr. Weinstein.

Mr. Weinstein left the house as I placed my bags in the middle of the floor.

PETER: So, Emily Lovegood, or should say 'Griffin' since I'm your father, welcome to Family, since you know me and my wife, or should I say "you new mother, Lois".

EMILY: Please to meet you, "Mom".

LOIS: I am glad to have another daughter.

PETER: Not to forget she's more beautiful then Meg.

LOIS: Peter...

PETER: And I see you've already met my dog Brian.

BRIAN: Nice to meet you, Emily.

LOIS: And your baby brother, Stewie. (To Stewie) Say hi to your new sister, Stewie.

STEWIE: Big deal, so what I have another sister?

EMILY: Why would you say something like that?

STEWIE: Well it's because I don't care and- What the duce is this?

Stewie holds up the helm of my dress and looks under it.

STEWIE: Is that a diaper your wearing?


LOIS: Stewie, that's a naughty baby!

Lois carries Stewie.

LOIS: I'm sorry for what Stewie did to you.

EMILY: It's fine Mom, this is something I better get used to.

STEWIE: This is unbelievable, I have another sister who is fifteen and still in diapers, who would've thought I would inspect such a thing?

Peter and Emily came into Chris' room. "This is your brother, Chris." Peter said to his new daughter. "Hi Chris," Emily said. "Dad?" Chris asked quietly and excited to Peter. "There a hot blonde girl in my room!" "I know there is," Peter answered. "This is Emily, she your half sister."

"Oh, that's nice, please to meet you Emily, I guess that nice for me to- Whaaaaat?!" Chris said when he realized that he has another half sister. "Is there something wrong?" Emily asked.

"I thought you were just one of those girls if fell in love with." Chris said in disappointment. "And it turns that you were my new half sister..." "Oh there there, Chris..." Peter said sympathetic. "I'm sure you'll find the right girl who like you back..." "You could've let me excersise at the gym!" Chris snapped back

We move on to Meg's room where Meg was laying on her stomach texting on her phone while Peter and Emily came in. "And over in this room is Meg, she's your ugly sister..." Said Peter as he introduces.

"Why would you call Meg ugly?" Emily asked, to Emily she looks like a regular girl who is slightly chubby wearing glasses and a beanie.

"Because it's Meg." Peter answered. "Nobody cares about her." "You know I can hear you." Said Meg. Peter turned to Meg, "Shut up Meg."

"Hey dad," Meg asked "Who's that with you?" "I'm your sister, Emily" "My sister?" Meg asked In surprise "Oh… my god, I can't believe this, I have a sister!" Meg felt excited about it when Peter starts pushing Emily away from Meg's room. "Let's move on now." He said. "But I didn't even get the chance to know her." Emily answered.

"So Emily," Peter said as the tour was finished "What do think of this place?" "You know, Dad," Emily answered, "I think I'm going to like it here."

Just then, the doorbell rang, Peter answered to find Quagmire at the door. "Oh hey Quagmire, what brings you here?" "Oh if came here to return your wallet." Quagmire replied "You left in the bar again."

"That's strange." Peter said as he begins to check his pocket. "It always in there- Oh. Now if found the problem, I wore the pants with a hole in my pocket again."

"By the way, who's this nice hot chick?" Quagmire asked. "Oh, that's my new daughter Emily, she just moved in a couple of minutes ago". Peter answered and then turned to Emily. "This is Glen Quagmire, he's our next door neighbor, and one of my best pals."

"Well hello beautiful?" Said Quagmire. "Have you ever gone out to bang with an airline pilot? Giggity."

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