The Unkindest Cut
The Unkindest Cut is an episode of Family Guy.


A shark bites Quagmire's penis off. Meanwhile, Mort runs an illegal business.




Major Roles

Minor Roles



Cultural References

  • The plot of this episode is a parody on an event that happened on June 3rd, 2018, to the 18-year-old, Jose Ernestor Da Silva at Piedade beach in northeast Brazil. Jose went to the beach and swam in the water, despite the lifeguards warning people not to go in the water, specifically because of sharks. Jose ignored all warnings and naturally, got attacked by a shark. The shark bit his penis off and he was immediately rushed to the hospital. His severed penis was forever lost at sea, resting somewhere in an unknown shark's belly, so the doctors couldn't reattach it. So, they instead just bandaged him up. One day later, Jose died of the loss of his reproductive organs, as well as a ton of blood and the whole incident made headline news.
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