Summary: It All Starts With One Day Where The Griffins All Watch The News Together

(News starts)

Tom Tucker: A Theif On The Loose, Is Stealing All Sorts Of Things, Cars, Jewlery, Food, Money, Appliances, Furniture, And Even People's Penises, and he takes steroids.

Lois: oh god, a theif on the loose?

Brian: yep. Stealing almost everything.

Peter: a theif that steals penises? Id rather give stewie a gun then know there's a penis stealing villain on the loose.

Meg: and cars, Jewlery, furni-

Peter: shut up, Meg.

Lois: what can we do the protect ourselves?

Meg: our best hope is to upgrade our security systyem.

(Later at 8:00 PM)

Chris: I'm not sure I want to go to sleep mom and dad, I'm worried.

Lois: don't worry, Chris we're just 2 rooms away

Chris: ok..(goes to sleep)

(Later at like 3:00 Am)

(the villain sneaks in through a window)

(the theif steals all money, then the toothpaste)

(then the villain steals things like appliances, Lois's purse, and Jewlery)

(and the credit card)

(the theif gets a knife from the kitchen)

(the Theif enters Chris's room)

(The Theif pulls down Chris's underwear)

Theif: (quietly) ok... Ready

(the Theif chops off Chris's penis and testiceles then replaces the skin and cleans up blood)

(the Theif enters Stewies room)

(the Theif steals all the toys and a laptop)

(the theif exits the house)

(the next morning)

(chris wakes up)

Chris: (yawning)

(Chris gets up, but feels weird from lower body)

(Chris goes to restroom to urinate)

(Chris notices his penis and testicles are missing)

Chris: what...

Chris: (yells loud enough to where Meg wakes up)

(Meg barges into Chris's room)

Meg: (tired) whats going on, you woke me up in a dream where I was appriciated

Chris: my penis... It's missing

Meg: really? Are you sure I can believe you?

Chris: (desperate) yes

Meg: ok, let me take a look.

(Chris pulls down underwear)

Meg: that's weird... Apparently, your penis has been replaced with a kind of vagina.

Meg: I'm thirsty...

(Meg goes downstairs)

(Meg notices a Huge mess)

Meg: Mom, Dad, I Think We've Been Burgurlirized!

(Peter and Lois come down)

Peter: i swear, that has been the second time!

Peter: ok, before things get any worse, let's move to another house

Loos: seroiusly? I just got those quahog aprons back!

Chris: mom, dad my penis has been stolen!

Lois: oh dear, we don't have enough money To get his penis back.

Peter: Chris might just have to live his life as a girl.

Lois: my cash might've been taken, but we still have $500,000, and we can earn even more by selling the house and moving to another neighborhood.

Peter: 500,000 $? that's enough to afford a 1 way airplane, a new house, and car. We should buy a new house

Lois: well... I guess we have no other choice...

Brian: hey guys, oh my god, we've been Burgulirized!

Stewie: and where the hell is Rupert?

Brian: I don't know how to break this to you, but he was stolen.

Lois: where should we move too?

Peter: well, our hopes seem high at minnesota.

Lois: yeah.. That's probably the best place for us to go.

Peter: everyone, we are starting a new life at minnesota.

Perer: but before we go, Chris and me will go workout.

(10 hours later...)

Peter: I think this is enough.

Peter: guys, I am going to get a wig for Chris, since he has a "vagina" now

(1 hour later...)

Peter: I got chris a wig... And got new clothes for him too.

(The next day)

Peter: guys, I have told you to meet me here at the clam for something super Important.. I'm moving to Minnesota...

Joe: what?


Peter: our stuff got stolen, and Chris even lost his penis.

Joe: really? Feel bad for the kid.

Horace: you guys want another glass of beer?

Peter: of course, knowing this is my last day here.

Horace: you know what, peter, for you the beers are free, especially since thewe will be your last days here.

Joe: were losing you, Come on, we've already lost Cleveland!

Peter: yep... Im sorry guys...

(the guys hug Peter)

(Peter comes home)

Lois: Peter... Chris, Meg, and even stewie was stolen while you were gone

Peter: This world is so cruel...

Peter: Come On... Let's get to the airport...

Lois: Brian didn't get stolen, he's the only one left.

(later at the airport)

Lois: I've got the tickets for me, you, and brian.

ok... We have to wait 1 hour for our flight...

Brian: do you want to go eat at that subways over there?

Lois: sure, and I mean, it will be our last bit of food from quahog.

(at the subways)

Lois: Brian, Peter, just so you know, I've alredy bought the house online. Only I know where it is.

Lois: we will have to buy a car first before visiting our house.

Brian: I'd recommend A Prius.

(30 min later...) (they finished eating 10 minutes ago)

Brian: our flight is here.

(they board the airplane)

Peter: we're about to take off.

Lois: good bye, quahog.

(plane takes off)

Peter: that was intense

(3 hours later)

(they unboard the aircraft)

Lois: well... Now we're in minnostoa

(Part 2 of this will be called "New Life")

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