The Orville
The Orville is a dumb Star Trek parody, created by Seth MacFarlane. Since it's live action, I don't know if it takes place in the Seth MacFarlane Universe, but it's made a bunch of appearances in Family Guy, so, it might.

The Orville in Family Guy

  • In "Married ... With Cancer", Jess had a bucket list of all the places she wants to have sex. One of the places listed was "Aboard The Orville".
  • In "Regarding Carter", The Orville comes on TV and Peter shoots it to death with his gun. When Chris asks him why he hates that show so much, Peter says, in somebody else's voice, "Because it's keeping me from doing my work here, at Family Guy".
  • In "No Giggity, No Doubt", Peter suggested that instead of taking him on his camping trip, Quagmire can take a myriad of other people, including The Orville. He quickly adds the notation that he's only referring to the eponymous ship, and not the cast. Just after this little gag, all of the character Peter mentioned prior, show up outside of his house, including The Orville.
  • In "You Can't Handle the Booth!", Peter recognized Seth MacFarlane as the captain of The Orville.
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