The Movement is an episode of Family Guy.


When Peter starts coaching for Quahog's minor league baseball team, he gets constipated during the national anthem and must kneel, unintentionally becoming the face of racial justice.


Beer Bar Buddies Being Racist
When Carter's new minor league baseball team needs a coach, he puts Peter in charge. But when he tries to fight back a bout of diarrhea after indulging in a shrimp promotion prior to the national anthem, he is forced to his knees which is interpreted as a protest against police brutality. However, he is also hailed as a hero for speaking up so he tries to enhance his activist standing. Lois ties to discourage his stunts but is thwarted when Peter is given a paid position from Nike for speaking out.

Peter Hires Meg for Baseball
While signing autographs at Quahog Sporting Goods for Nike, Carter confronts him over dropping ticket sales due to his commercial and knocks him out with a baseball bat, causing him to have a 'Marvel's Black Panther-type' experience hosted by Cleveland in Waquahog. There, he is also treated as a hero for speaking out, but they also touch a nerve about him doing it for the right reasons. Before another game, he is warned by Carter not to kneel, but decides to speak up, admitting that he really wasn't an activist, but also proposes making "The Hamster Dance" the new national anthem.

Back home, they decide to check in on Meg home Peter traded to American Dad!. When she tries to take Stan's place in the opening credits, she is told by both Stan and Roger to shut up.


Major Roles

Minor Roles


Peter: I love coming to the ballpark. Drunken Irish in front of a fishbowl of minorities. What could go wrong?

[Chris finds container]
Chris: Meg's estrogen suppliments?
[Meg shows up with a beard and a deep voice]
Meg: I'll take that, thank you.

Stewie: Dad gave me a sip of beer. I'm gonna mention that to my teacher and it's gonna be a big problem.

Lois: Hey, Bonnie. Who's on first?
Bonnie: Who? The person's name or the pronoun?
Lois: Ha. And it goes on like this for hours.

Joe: Today is my time to shine.
Peter: Huh?
Joe: Yeah. I'm a handicapped person at a ballpark, which means I get special privileges. Ramps, personal booth, private escort, and I even get to meet the team.
Guy: [offscreen] Is there a Joe Swanson?
[Peter throws Joe out of his wheelchair and sits in it]
Peter: Right here!
[The guy takes Peter to meet the team]
Peter: Meet me at that sad balcony.

Carter: Where am I gonna get another coach? I need a fat bumbling buffoon of a father to take the job and get into tons of wacky antics and I think I know just the right guy for the job.
[Homer Simpson is shown in the audience]
Homer: I already got into shenanigans tonight! I'm on vacation now!
Carter: Ah, darn. That would have been funny. Well, I guess we'll just have to settle for second best. Peter?

Peter: Just FYI, I'm either gonna finish too quick or not at all.

Peter: Alright, little bingo. Let's go. Little bingo here. Not a lot of bingo. Don't wanna play bingo for a long time. Short game of bingo. Don't even have to play a little bingo. Could play a little banjo.
Baseball Player 1: Whoa. This guy knows what he's doing.
Baseball Player 2: I don't know. I'm not convinced yet.
Peter: Ducks on the pond guys. Ducks on the pond. Chewing up bits of bread. Pooping in the pond. Ducks on the pond. Something brown, something pretty, all of them ducks. Ducks on the pond.
Baseball Player 2: I would follow him into Hell.

Peter: I'm a baseball coach now. You knew that when you married me.

[Peter calls Meg into his baseball player office]
Peter: Hey, thanks for coming. Take a seat.
Meg: What's up?
Peter: [sigh] This is ... This is really the toughest part of the business, isn't it?
Meg: Oh my God. Are you trading me?
Peter: Looks, it's nothing personal. You've been very professional as a family member but ... here's the thing. We're sending you down to American Dad.
Meg: No! What? No!
Peter: Well, they're not excited about it either.
Meg: Please! I can't go to American Dad. There has to be another option!
Peter: I guess I could call Bob's Burgers.
Meg: [frightened] I'll do American Dad! I'll do American Dad!

[The Quahog Whooping Scalpers beat one of their members to a bloody pulp]
Peter: Way to go, you. All this is happening because you did something well.

[Unable to pleasure her himself, Peter calls in a hot young man to have sex with Lois for him]
Peter: Alright, bring us home, kid. Bring us home. Little bingo. Ducks on the pond. Furry ducks. Little man on the boat. If you can find it, you're a better man than I am.

Joe: Wow, Peter. You're a great coach.
Peter: Well, Joe, I learned from the best. Isn't that right, Coach Steve?
[Coach Steve from Big Mouth enters]
Coach Steve: Last time I played baseball, I got hit right in the peena with it. Oh wait! This is network television and I said penna! Now I'm gunna get sued by the broken sideways comb, sideways moon, sideways moon!
Cleveland: Man, first Homer Simpson and now Coach Steve? There's a lot of funnier coaches from other shows we could've gotten.
[Coach McFall from The Cleveland Show enters]
Coach McFall: Ain't that the truth, Brown?

Vendor: Hot coffee? Hot coffee? Get your hot coffee here? Hot coffee?
Peter: Hot coffee!
Vendor: Hot coffee!

[The American flag displays on the Jumbotron]
Meg: [sigh]

Tom: Good evening, I'm Tom Tucker, joined tonight by a very special guest, Channel 5's own Tom Tucker, Sr., who hasn't been on the air since 1964. Take it away, dad.
Tom Tucker, Sr.: Thanks, Tom. More and more women are choosing to work outside the home. I call them prostitutes.
Tom: And that's a wrap for Tom, Sr.

Peter: Well, just finished a load. Gonna go the laundry next.

Chris: I can't believe my dad's a hero.
Peter: Oh, I'm no hero. I'm just a white guy doing what black people were already doing. In other words, a hero.

Brian: I'm no different than my peers. Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandella, Dr. Martin Luther King, hey did you ever notice he has the names "Doc" and "Marty" in his name?
Stewie: Let it go.
Brian: Hello, Twitter.
[Brian tweets his joke and immediately gets a massive flood of replies]
Brian: And I have to move out again.

TV Announcer: We now return to Seinfeld, which keeps getting edited down more and more for syndication.
Soup Nazi: NO SOUP FOR-
[Episode ends]
Peter: Funny show.

[Peter throws his trash on the floor]
Lois: Peter, what the Hell!?
Peter: It's okay. It's okay ... I voted.

Lois: You know what? This while activism thing has gone on long enough. You knelt at one game. It's not like opportunity's gonna come knocking at the door, offering you money for it.
[Someone knocks at the door and Peter answers it]
Guy: Hi, I'm Bob Opportunity, the president of Nike. How would you like some money?
Lois: [offscreen] FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Peter: I voted.

Peter: [narrating a Nike commercial] How do you know what's inside of you unless you test yourself? Don't do one pushup. Do one hundred. Don't run one mile. Run a marathon. Don't have one family. Have a second family all the way across the country. Don't just have a second family. Have a third family in Santa Fe with an alternative lifestyle. Don't spend any time with the first two families. Make a commitment to family number three. Double down by announcing it at his war hero father's retirement party. Don't go to the funeral cuz remember, you've got two other families to deal with and a marathon to train for. Don't let Kenneth walk out of your life. Take his life from him. Don't just go to jail. Go to death row by killing the two other families. Don't just let anyone have their closure by apologizing. Send a message that you're not afraid of Hell.

Carter: Peter, ever since you made that stupid commercial, my ticket sales have tanked. Thanks to you, people now think The Quahog Whooping Scalpers are racist.

[Birds get crushed to death in an escalator]
Carter: Oh, Disney's not gonna like that.

Cleveland: Welcome to Waquahog.
[Cleveland shows Peter the glorious view of Qaquahog]
Peter: Oh my God. Why wasn't this The Cleveland Show?
Cleveland: This entire episode would have been our season five premiere.

Peter: Better give him a big tip.
Cleveland: Pretty sure the tip is already built into the service charge.

Leader of Waquahog: Now LeBron's a Laker.
Cleveland: A Laker's now LeBron.
Peter: Yeah, that's not really working out.

[Carter gestures to his nose, indicating he wants to do coke]
Carter: Hey, what do you say we take a pit stop in the little boy's room?

Peter: Carter, I know you're just trying to honor the troops.
Carter: I never said that.

Guy: [offscreen] Why's your phone all pink and sparkly?
Peter: You're talking about it, aren't you?
Guy: [offscreen] Oh, snap!

Peter: I'm making my way to the bathroom. I have to poop again.

Meg: [singing] Good morning, USA! Ba da ba da ba Stan's the dad and the alien's gay! And then there's a fish and a boy and a girl! And recently it's me who's joined this wonderful world! I love this show, hooray! Good morning USA!
Stan: Hey! Shut up Meg!
Meg: Oh. So it's just going to be the same?
Stan: Yep. You're still being abused.
Roger: Yeah, and about me being gay? After seeing your ugly face, you've pretty much turned me straight.
Meg: But I'm a girl.
Roger: Say whaaaaaaat!?



Cultural References


Deleted Scenes

  • Johnny Feedback Robinson making feedback happen in the microphone.
  • Cutaway of a guy named Peter meeting Cool Hand Luke and pointless dialogue following it.
  • Peter covering himself on oakleys glasses.
  • The vendor returning with shrimp buckets.
  • Peter mistaking objects at the bar for celebrities because some liberals smacked his glasses off.
  • Peter harassing people outside of the Stop 'N' Shop.
  • Cleveland explains the Black Panther reference.
  • A Post-Mates Guy delivers food to Cleveland and Peter in Quakanda.
  • Cutaway to two sports announcers in a too small booth.
  • Peter asking what "Meegos" are and Cleveland saying he has to figure it out for himself.
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