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The Minister's Cat is a song sung by Lois Griffin and Carter Pewterschmidt in the episode "Absolutely Babulous".


Lois: The minister's cat is an affable cat.
Carter: The minister's cat is a boisterous cat.
Carter (Speaking): Pemrose!
Pemrose: The minister's cat is a covetous cat.
Maid: The minister's cat is a devious cat.
Window Washer: The minster's cat's an eclectic cat.
Shoe Shiner: The minster's cat is a fabulous cat.
Carter (Speaking): Peter, your turn. Go!
Peter (Speaking): Wha-wha?
Lois (Speaking): Peter, hurry!
Peter (Speaking): I do-I don't know this cat!
Carter (Speaking): Dammit, Peter! You ruined the game!

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