The Life of Larry
Season 1, Episode 0a
The Life of Larry title card.png
Air date July 26, 1995
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The Life of Larry is the first pilot of the Larry series, it was first shown at the Rhode Island School of Design on July 26, 1995, it was first directed by Seth MacFarlane, who also voices most of the characters.

It also features a brief appearance from American politician Newt Gingrich in a cutaway gag that employs audio of one of Gingrich's speeches. The short features a middle-aged slob named Larry Cummings, his cynical talking dog, Steve, patient wife Lois, and overweight teenage son Milt.

The film also features live-action segments shot at MacFarlane's home in Kent, Connecticut where he describes the film and its characters in the form of a pitch to a television network. During the live action segments, MacFarlane is being served cheesecake by his Asian servant, Wang, played by fellow student Chang S. Han.

The Life of Larry was created as MacFarlane's thesis film during 1994–1995, while he was studying at the Rhode Island School of Design. The animated film was created almost entirely by MacFarlane alone, with the exception being the live action sequence, which was filmed by classmates Sean Leahy and Greg Scalzo.

Many of the jokes and cutaway gags used in The Life of Larry were later used in many of the first season Family Guy episodes.

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