The Joyce Show!

Number Of Seasons


Number Of Episodes


Created By

Seth MacFarlane Christine Lakin


Comedy,Animation,Surreal humor,Social satire

Original Channel


Country of origin

United States

Opening Theme

"The Joyce Show's Theme" singing by Christine Lakin


Fuzzy Door Productions

Running Time

20-23 Minutes

Original Run

22 September 2019-17 May 2020

This series is a spin-off of Family Guy,composed by one season of 20 episodes and based on the former villain and secondary heroine Joyce Kinney.The series will be set after the events of Season 9 and before the events of Season 10,the first episode will tell the story of how it ended the rivalry between Lois and Joyce,but not only this,Joyce will live many more adventures together with characters like Tom Tucker,Ollie Williams,Tricia Takanawa,Bonnie Swanson,Glenn Quagmire,Brian Griffin and many other fun characters.


  • Joyce Kinney
  • Lois Griffin
  • Tom Tucker
  • Tricia Takanawa
  • Ollie Williams
  • Bonnie Swanson
  • Carol West
  • Jillian Wilcox
  • Adam West
  • Peter Griffin
  • Chris Griffin
  • Meg Griffin
  • Stewie Griffin
  • Brian Griffin
  • Glenn Quagmire
  • Joe Swanson
  • Susie Swanson
  • Carter Pewterschmidt
  • Barbara Pewterschmidt
  • Diane Simmons (Flashbacks only)
  • James Woods
  • Cleveland Brown (Cameo)
  • Lindsey Naegle (Cameo)
  • Francine Smith (Cameo)
  • Al Harrington
  • Connie DiMico
  • Lisa (Connie's Friend)
  • Angela
  • Bernice (Cameo)
  • John Herbert
  • Seamus Levin
  • Horace
  • Consuela
  • Bruce
  • Derek Wilcox (Mentioned Only)
  • Jake Tucker
  • Mort Goldman
  • Patrick Stewart
  • Cheryl Chevepravatdumrong (Joyce Kinney's sister) NEW CHARACTER!
  • Peter Chevepravatdumrong (Joyce Kinney's father) NEW CHARACTER!
  • Lorraine Chevepratdumrong (Joyce Kinney's mother) NEW CHARACTER!
  • Steven Parker (Cheryl's boyfriend turned his husband in season 11) NEW CHARACTER!
  • Jeff Fecalman (Cameo)
  • Brenda Quagmire (Cameo)
  • Evil Monkey
  • Ida Davis


  • "Main Theme" By "Christine Lakin"
  • "Teenage Dream" By "Katy Perry"
  • "Born This Way" By "Lady Gaga"
  • "California Gurls" By "Katy Perry Feat Snoop Dogg"
  • "It Might Be You" By "Stephen Bishop"
  • "I'm With You" By "Avril Lavigne"
  • "Just Dance" By "Lady Gaga"
  • "Africa" By "Toto"
  • "Life In Technicolor II" By "Coldplay"
  • "Invisible Touch" By "Genesis"
  • "Poker Face" By "Lady Gaga"




  • The Main Theme is singing by Christine Lakin who voiced Joyce Kinney in the series
  • The series is set in Summer 2011,after the events of Season 9 and before the events of Season 10
  • This series is the second spin-off of Family Guy,after The Cleveland Show
  • This series had a narrator,is Joyce Kinney of the present who tell his adventures after Season 9
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