The Homer & Peter Show is an adult animated sitcom that first aired September 14, 2016.

Season One (2016-17)

  1. The Pilot: Peter can't stand his family, and neither can Homer, so they both coincidentally travel to Dukeston, Delaware, where they meet again and decide to rent an apartment together. September 21, 2016 TV-14-DLSV
  2. The Job: Homer wants to support himself and Peter, so he gets a job in pizza delivery, but Peter soon gets jealous and gets a job at Forever 31. September 28, 2016 TV-PG-DLV
  3. The Love: After realizing their painful divorces aren't the end of their love life, the duo starts dating two girls, but to their dismay, the ladies hate each other. October 5, 2015 TV-PG-LV
  4. The Law: After Peter is arrested and forced to take DUI, he learns that beer is not everything and becomes Catholic; Homer takes a quiz online and after the outcome, he believes he's gay. October 12, 2016 TV-14-LS
  5. The Problem: Homer's new boyfriend, Charles, unbeknownst to Homer is a transsexual, but Peter decides to keep a secret; a new judge appoints Homer as an immigration court lawyer, but he has no idea what to do. October 19, 2016 TV-PG-DLS

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