The Family Guy Movie is the one hour and 30 minutes movie special of the FOX hit television series, Family Guy. This movie was in fact revealed in early 2005, and this was meant to be the finale of Family Guy so that Seth MacFarlane could work more on American Dad, however due to the movie's success, Seth decided to keep Family Guy on air and work on it a lot.

This movie is a musical comedy special with a total of ten numbers sung by each individual Griffin.


The story starts off with the Griffins getting ready to go to the theaters to go watch The Family Guy Movie theirselves, and then they zoom into the screen to start the literal movie. Peter and the guys are chilling at the bar talking about whatever, then suddenly the guys look up at the screen to see the news with Tom Tucker and Diane Simmons about Bertram, who is in fact returning, and he received a note sayin' Cleveland Brown stole your gun. Bertram told the news that he wanted to kill Cleveland. The guy who sent Bertram the note was Loretta to get back at him. Cleveland was confused. Soon, the Drunken Clam starts going insane over this, and Cleveland was to worried. The rest them were worried if Bertram was going to rule the earth. Peter and the guys run home to lock their doors, and Peter wanted Cleveland, Joe, and Quagmire to stay over the nights until this ends. Peter wants Lois to turn on the news to see what else. Hitler was saying that soldiers will inspecting houses for any pets lurking around their house to take them to the pound. When everyone was asleep, Brian heard knocking on the door, and went to quickly answer it. Bertram was their to take Brian away. Tomorrow night, Peter and Lois ask about Brian, and Bertram wanted revenge on Stewie, and kill Cleveland. However, instead of killing Cleveland, he freezes him in an ice statue. Everyone were shocked in panic. Peter and the guys said that he wanted to save Cleveland, and go on an adventure!



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