The Family DinnerIs the 52th Episode of Family Guy

Plot: Peter was setting up a dinner with his Family all of peter's relatives were coming.


Peter Mcfinnigan

Lois Mcfinnigan

Stewie Mcfinnigan

Chris Mcfinnigan

Meg Mcfinnigan

Riley Parker

Sherry Parker

Junchiro Parker

Mickey Mcfinnigan

White Mcfinnigan

Cole Mcfinnigan

Carter Pewderschmidt

Babs Pewderschmidt

Josiah Mcfinnigan

And Mary Pewderschmidt


▪ It's Reaveled that Riley is Junchiro's only child due to his Narrow uretha

▪ Peter drinking alot of Beer is the reason why he is fat

▪ It is reaveled The name of brian's father is Cočo

▪ In This episode it is Revaled that Peter has a step-dad called Francis is later shown in season 3

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