The Devil
The Devil
Full name

Lucifer Walker Burningwood




King of Hell

Lucifer Walker Burningwood AKA (The Devil or Satan) is the evilest creature in the universe. He is a big red monster-like creature with horns. He is the ruler of Hell.


In "A Picture's Worth $1000", The Devil sat around in Hell and dealt with a guy playing on the computer. The guy playing on his computer game him some bad news and he went "Oh, heck."

In "A New Lease on Death", The Devil ruled Hell, where he tortured Brian.

In "High School English", Stewie made deviled eggs and took all the credit even though The Devil helped him. The Devil was mad at him for taking all the credit and wrecked the kitchen.

In "Short Cuts", The Devil didn't want to associate with Donald Trump because he was too evil for even him.

Episode Appearances


  • His full name is "Lucifer Walker Burningwood".
    • His middle name being "Walker" is a reference to George W. Bush, as this was his middle name and they were making a joke that George W. Bush is a bad president.
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