Plot Summary

Quahog has an unknown disorder called "Nightmare Re-runs", about 5,090 people in Rhode Island has been tortured to death. Although it started 1 week ago, the Griffin Family, Swanson Family, Lopez Family, Smith Family, and the West Family must keep each other occupied to not have nightmare re-runs, before it is too late.....


  1. Peter Griffin
  2. Lois Griffin
  3. Chris Griffin
  4. Meg Griffin
  5. Brian Griffin
  6. Stewie Griffin
  7. Riley Parker
  8. Dre Parker
  9. Alexandria Smith
  10. Coraline Smith
  11. Will Smith
  12. Tiana Smith
  13. Joe Swanson
  14. Bonnie Swanson
  15. Susie Swanson
  16. Edward Lopez
  17. Alphonse Lopez
  18. George Lopez
  19. Angie Lopez
  20. Benny Lopez
  21. Seneth Baker
  22. Sonikku Baker
  23. Carol West
  24. Mayor Adam West

Character Quotes

  • Peter Griffin

Peter: What the hell.....?



Mysterious Creature: Prepare.........

Peter Griffin: Prepare this, you scary bastard!


  • Lois Griffin

Lois: Hmmmmm..... AH! Oh.... it's just you Brian....

Demon Brian: Brian.........who's Brian....?

Lois: AHHH!!!

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