The Crossover Movie is an movie set to release in 2015.

The movie starts with Peter Griffin dancing yoga when Homer Simpson, Rodney Copperbottom, Alex The Lion, Hank Hill and Stan Smith trying to defeat the main atagonist, Lyle Moot, who sets to remain a self- destructing bomb for 24 hours.

Main Credits:

Creator: Scott Cawthon

Cast: Seth Macfarlane | Ben Stiller | Mike Judge | Dan Castellaneta | Ewan McGregor | Scott Cawthon


Lyle Moot has Foxy's left arm, Bonnie's right arm, Chica's feather spikes, parts from the stomachs of the four animatronics, half Foxy's head, half Bonnie's head, Chica's left leg and Foxy's right leg.

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