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The Brian Dustin Show is a 2014 Animated Series Aired in Cartoon Network, DiegoAmateur and FOX(The Last one as a Deliverated Series). It Talks About Brian Dustin (Previously Called New Brian) But Now; instead of peing peacful and quiet. is Paranoic and Violent. Because of It's Asperger Syndrome. But He Still Conservates His Old Peaceful and Happy Personality


After the Events of The Man With Two Brians After Brian "Killed Himself" He Needed Money For Start Again

Content By The Common Sense Media

Short Version

Softer Than Family Guy. Harder than Regular Show

Large Version

Parents Need to Know

Positive messages:1/5

Even While Most of the Time The Main Characters Act in an Irresponsible Way. They Always Love Each Other and Try to Do The Best. At Least Most of It. Brian is An Stereotype of a Good-Hearted Guy

Possitive Role Models: 2/5

Brian is the Most Determinated Of The Anthromorph Gang. He's also a little bit Violent But it Has not Much Self-Control Due to His Asperger Syndrome. Also Other of The Characters. Even While Mostly Rigby and Doug. Are Morally Rigth and Always Know How to Solve The Problem

Violence and scariness: 3/5 Moderate TV-PG violence(Punching, Shocking, Mild Injuries With Blood), Emotional Scenes and Gun Threathening Scenes

Sexy stuff: 3/5 Brian is Asexual, Misoginic and Knows Women are as Perverted as Men

Language: 3/5 "Hell" "Damn" "Ass" are Frequent... Words Like "Bitch" or "Douche" are Ocassional. Words Like "F--k" "S--t" or "Pr--k" are Bleeped.

Consumerism/commercialism: 2/5 References to Family Guy and Regular Show. Weapons From Nerf

Drinking, drugs, and smoking: 3/5 Mordecai Is Sometimes Drunk as Griffin


AnthroMorph Agents

  • Brian Dustin(Voiced By Zack Keller) Is The Main Character. Suffers From Asperger's Syndrome What Makes Him Vulnerable in Some Situations: He Don't Look at Peapole When they Talk to Him. He Doesn't Tolerates When Someone Interrupts Him as Much as When He Doesn't Gets What he Wants. Anytime Someone Talks to Him. He Always Wants To Hear The Truth. He's 15 Years Older Than His Creator. Diego Leiva. In The One He's Based
  • Mordecai dustin


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