Summary: Stewie Feels That Due to his Extremely Young Age, He Has No Rights, So Stewie Travels To A Universe Where Babies Are Domanint. Stewie Raises his own family.

Stewie: So... This Is the Babyverse.

(Grabs Phone and logs onto bank account)

Stewie: I Have... 500 Dollars In my Wallet, 2000 Dollars In My Credit Card, And 200,000 Total.

Stewie: How Did I even Get this Much Money? Did I Just Teloport Here With This?

Stewies: Anyways,(sigh) have to find a job.

(finds a bar)

Stewie: huh. I could work here. (Reading) minimal drinking ages, 1 month.

Stewie: (reading) now hiring..

Stewie: (enters bar)

Stewie: (talking to bar-owner) hey, just wandering the town.

Bar-Owner: uh huh.

Stewie: So... Your hiring?

Bar-Owner: yes.

Stewie: so... How does it work?

Bar-Owner: Huh?

Stewie: What Do I Have To Do To, You Know, Get Hired?

Bar-Owner: Here, You Just Take A Minor Personal Exam.

Stewie: Ok.

Bar-Owner: What Is Your Name?

Stewie: Stewie Griffin.

Bar-Owner: Married?

Stewie: Nope, Single.

Bar-Owner: American Or Immagrant?

Stewie: American.

Bar-Owner: WhIch Do You Think Is Better? Beer Or Vodka?

Stewie: Honestly, Vodka.

Bar-Owner: You Are Hired, If You Would've Not Come In, This Place Would Have Been Shut Down.

Bar-Owner: You Are The Brewee, and the cook until we find someone to be a cook. We Are Just About To Open Up. Like, Maybe Tommorow.

Stewie: Ok, I'll Be Here Tommorow.

(exits the building)

Stewie: huh, I just come out and there's a car dealership right there. (Walks to the car dealership)

Stewie: oh, hey listen, I'd like to buy a ford explorer.

Car-Dealer: It's $32,000.

Stewie: crap, that's a lot of money. But I think I can cover that. (Searching through bank account)

Yeah, I can. Do You Accept Credit?

Car-Dealer: yes, we do.

(Stewie Gives card then car dealer places in mini-atm)

(car dealer gives card back)

Car Dealer:(tosses keys to Stewie and he catches the most) congratulations. You know own this car now.

(Stewie gets in the car)

Stewie: appreciate it, man.

(drives to a real ease aency)

(Adam west suddenly pops up)

Adam West: oh, I see, these are instructions to life.

(goes back to family guy)

(Stewie enters the real estate agencie)

Stewie: umm, hey excuse, me, may I get some assistance around here?

(real estate agent turns around)

Real estate agent: yes?

(slow motion hear flip scene)

Stewie: (thinking) my god. she is the sexiest woman I've ever seen since Miley Cyrus.

Stewie: (nervous) I was looking for some real estate, located in the suburbs,

Real Estate Agent: there are 8 houses for sale in the suburbs.

Stewie: I'm just wondering, what is your name?

Real Estate Agent: Helina.

Stewie: Stewie Griffin.

Stewie:(thinking) come on Stewie, this is your chance.

Stewie: I feel I might need your phone number later on... Just in case I intend to move, have a Diaster happen that destroys my house, or anything, really

Helina: ok, it's #327-4920

Stewie: (thinking) yes, I got It!

Helina: I could show you the houses With The Agencies Car, but it's very low on fuel, s-(sentence disturbed)

Stewie: oh, no worry, I have a car, still has plenty of gas.

(Later in the car)

(with stewie driving)

Stewie: once I'm on this road, which way do I turn?

Helina: just to the left twice then right once.

(3 turns later)

(car stops)

Helina: we're here.

Stewie: how much does it cost?

Helina: $125,000.

Stewie: Adress?

Helina: 837 Skyhawk Ave.

Stewie:(entering the house)this looks good.

Helina: actually, it's the cheapest and at the same time most valuable house.

Stewie: you have one of those mini-ATMs, so I can pay for the house?

Helina: here.

Stewie: (swipes card) i actually dragged money from my savings. I Have Paid For The House.

(both get on the bed)

(sudden silence)

(Stewie Suddenly Jumps Onto Helina)

Stewie:(trying to make out with Helina)

Helina: what the hell are you do-(starts to make out)

(Helina and Stewie takes off their shirts,pants,and diapers. Then get nude)

(stewie inserts his penis into Helinas ass) (Stewie thrusts his penis into Helinas ass)

Helina: oh!

Helina: oh!

(stewie takes out his penis out of Helinas ass and re-inserts it into Helinas Vagina)

(Stewie starts thrusting)

Helina: Ohh!

(Sperm shoots from Stewies penis into Helinas vagina)

(Stewie stops thrusting)

Stewie: what are we doing?

Stewie: Helina-whatever your last name is, will you marry me?

Helina: oh my god, yes, I Will!

Stewie: wait, don't we have to get engaged first?

(Adam west pops up again)

Adam West: wow, when I wenot on a date with carol, I went far, but not that far!

(scene goes back to family guy)

Stewie: Do you want to just sleep... Together, il buy a ring, we will get engaged, and then married.

Helina: sure. (Gets re-dressed, gets in the bed, Turns off lamp)

(Stewie and Helina fall asleep)

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