Riley's Beyblade Crew is a group of bladers formed by Riley Parker, there are nine members that are currently in Florida for two months.

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Riley Parker

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Riley Parker is a 16 year old boy who become the youngest police officer at age 13, he has a girlfriend named Alexandria, and a best friend named Edward. His Bey is Big Bang Pegasis (Cosmic Pegasus in english), Galaxy Pegasus, and for a substitute his has Wing Pegasis.

Edward Lopez

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Edward Luther Lopez is Riley Parker's 16 year old best friend and the second member of Riley's group. He has a striking

resemblance to Edward Elric, his bey is Scythe Kronos and Ray Gil

Alexandria Smith

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Alexandria Smith is Riley's 15 year old best girlfriend, she is the third member of Riley's Beyblade Crew. Her ultimate rival is
Samantha Ali. Her bey is Phantom Orion and Burn Fireblaze.

Stewie Griffin

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Stewie Griffin is the one year child of Peter and Lois Griffin. He is the fourth member of Riley's Crew, His bey is L Drago Destroy (L Drago Destroyer in english) and Meteo L drago.


Brian Griffin

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Brian Griffin is the griffin's pet, and Peter's owner/best friend, he is the fifth member on Riley's crew. His bey is Jade

Jupiter and Counter Leone.


Vincent Valentino

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Vincent Valentino is the sixth member of Riley's crew. He has a older brother named Valentine, his bey is Diablo

Nemesis and Sol blaze.


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Zora is the seventh member on Riley's crew, therefore, he has a brother who looks very identical to him

named Jack, his bey was Flash Sagittario and now is Kreis Cygnus and Gravity Destroyer.

Leo Luno

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Leo Luno is the eighth member on Riley's team, his bey is Screw Fox and Thermal Lacerta.


Craig Lopez

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Craig Lopez is Edward's younger cousin who is currently 13 years old, his bey is Mercury Anubis and Counter Scorpio.



  • The team is sorted by age,
  1. Vincent Valentino - 17
  2. Riley Parker - 16
  3. Edward Lopez - 16
  4. Zora - 16
  5. Leo Luno - 16
  6. Alexandria Smith - 15
  7. Craig Lopez - 13
  8. Brain Griffin - 8 (56 dog years)
  9. Stewie Griffin - 1
  • Even though Riley is 16 years old and is leader, Vincent is 17, Vincent is the oldest member on his team.
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