Swabbing the Deck
Swabbing the Deck is a song sung by Glenn Quagmire and the Naval soldiers in "Death Lives".


Sailors: We're swabbing the deck,
Which is navy for floor,
And when we're done swabbing,
We'll swab it some more.
Swab, in the navy, is a word we use for mop.
Swab the deck, mop the floor. Who cares?
We'll ever, ever stop.
Quagmire: Oh!
Sailors: Swab means mop.
Deck means floor.
There's a bit of navy lingo,
But we certainly have more.
Mate means mate,
And we mate with our mates.
Quagmire: Except for ol' Glenn Quagmire,
Cuz this mate is straight.
Death's Mom (Speaking): Can you tell me when you're leaving to go back in time? I was talking to a robe on the coatrack for 20 minutes before I realized you weren't in it.
Death (Speaking): Mom, for God's sake, leave me alone! I'm working!
Death's Mom (Speaking): Don't yell at your mother! If you yell at your mother, a hen will lay eggs in your tummy.
Quagmire: Sorry, all you SMAGs.
I got nothin' 'gainst you,
But I'm into women,
And in navy, that's "boo".
Gay is SMAG.
Chick is boo.
And something gross is zebra set.
Giggity giggity goo!

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