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Clark Kent (AKA Superman) is a world-famous superhero, who comes from the DC Universe. In Family Guy, Superman is portrayed as a misogynistic asshole, who uses his X-Ray vision to see women naked and even use his superpowers to kill them if they start to get on his case about it. Being widely known as a heroic do-gooder, nobody ever suspects him of being the mysterious murderer of these women, allowing him to get away with it.


In "A Hero Sits Next Door", Peter plays strip poker with superheroes in the Hall of Justice, which includes Superman. Peter and the male superheroes watched in awe as Wonder Woman took her bra off.

In "Holy Crap", Peter died and went to Hell, where he came face to face with Adolf Hitler, John Wilkes Booth, Al Capone, and Superman, who was in Hell for killing a hooker by ripping her in half like a phone book, after she made a joke about how he was "faster than a speeding bullet".

In "The Cleveland Loretta Quagmire", a scene from the movie Superman 2 is parodied, when Superman rips a giant cellophane "S" off his chest and throws it at the bad guys, as it vanished into nothingness and knocked them over. The weirdness of this scene was delved into with this cutaway gag.

In "Blind Ambition", a cutaway gag featured Peter living in the Fortress of Solitude. Superman was making an important plan with the other members of The Justice League about how to stop Lex Luthor before he irradiates the world supply of gold when Peter interrupted to say that they were out of Mr. Pibb and Cheez-Its. Superman and the others look at him in anger as Peter casually just tells Superman that he can fly on down to the store to pick up groceries, whenever he gets the time, sustaining that it would take less time for him, given he's a superhero.

In "Stewie B. Goode", a cutaway featured Superman watching Wonder Woman, while she flew the invisible jet, only to find out that she was actually pooping in the toilet of the invisible jet. After she got out of the bathroom and went back to her seat, Superman told her that he couldn't help but notice that she didn't wash her hands.

In "Padre de Familia", the movie "Superman 5: The Broken Condom" plays. In it, Superman goes on a date with Lois Lane. While Lois gets ready, Superman utilizes his X-Ray vision to look at her naked but accidentally looks too deep and sees inside of her body, revealing a fetus inside of her. Terrified that he's now going to have to deal with her baby, Superman swiftly contrives a lie that he has plans on Krypton. When Lois questions why he'd have plans on a planet that was blown up years ago, Superman says that they should see other people and then breaks out of the window and flies away.

In "Lois Kills Stewie", Consuela works as Superman's maid, when Joe and a few other cops investigate at the Fortress of Solitude to ask Superman about the murder of Lois Griffin. Consuela tells them that Superman isn't home at the time and refuses to let the cops leave a note.

In "Grumpy Old Man", Superman is shown, when an accountant works at the Fortress of Solitude.

In "The Most Interesting Man in the World", Superman gives a bunch of women breast cancer by X-raying their boobs a bunch of times.

In "Peter's Sister", Superman fucks a woman to death and lies to the cops.

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