Stu Griffin is Stewie's possible future self. Not the one from The Untold Story, but a different version of Stewie. This Stewie is a 16 year old Junior at James Woods High School, his friends and brother that he met as a baby are: Ovlia, Janet, his best friend Nate and his brother Bertram. Stewie and Ovlia were a couple when they were babys and kids, but they broke up at Junior High. At High School when he was a freshman he dated his best friend Janet who he had a secret crush on ( even Janet).He has a an other best fiend at High School whos name is Kruise ( a boy who is a member of Maggia one of the most evilest gamgsters on the planet.Even Stewie joined the gang and later on hes a commander and then leader.They were enemies at first until Stewie saved Kruise from a truck and now they are best friends.His ocupactions are as a worker at his grandfather's company and the chosen heir to being the next owner and a gang member of Maggia. He just started his first day as a junior and he knows hes a step closer to world domination, but theres things that keep him from doing that like: lois his mother constantly trying to keep him from having his girlfriend in his house like of what happen to her sister and teaching him of being like her, Bertram his brother keeps foiling his plans and embrasing him. Petter's friend Joe who is an officer keeps him from doing his own things and finally his exgirlfriend Ovila she does the same thing as Bertram does. But Stewie knows he will kill them all.

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