When Stewie has a Date with an girl named Emily, Brian stops the Date before Stewie gets Hurt or something, While Peter gets Sick while a Day at Knotts.Losi Reminded him That he Throw up on Snoopy and Remined Him about Other Times whenHe Barfed on Bugs Bunny at Six Flags and Mickey Mouse at Disneyland. Also He Barfed on Santa at The Mall. Then Emily's Plan was When She Kiss Stewie, She'll Call her Boyfriend to beat him down. Then Peter comes to the Date sneakly and stop this mess.Meanwhile Snoopy comes to The House and Beat up Peter along with Bugs, Mickey, and Santa.Then Stewie Beats up Emily.


  • Stewie: Ah Crap......YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND !!!!!
  • Peter: I Feel like Shit....*Barfs*
  • Peter: I Feel like... *Barfs on Snoopy*
  • Peter: What I Did That Becuase I Ate Nachos then Went on The Windseeker
  • Losi: Get Some Rest and rember barfing on Snoopy....
  • Losi: and Bugs
  • Losi: and Mickey Mouse
  • Losi: and Santa
  • Losi: But Thanks for barfing that Clown over there
  • Brain: Oh Shit.....It's Happening !
  • Stewie *before kissing Emily*: Brain ?
  • Brain: STEWIE !.... GET OUT IT"S A TRICK !
  • Emily: GUARDS !
  • Brain: Ah Crap....
  • Santa; We Wnat Pay Back
  • Peter: Ah Crap
  • Losi: Heh Heh
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