Summary: While Stewie Tries Once Again (Mumbling: Quite Foolishly...) To Make Himself More Evil, Brian Comes In, And Stewies Machine, Causing An Electric Current That Makes Their Brainwaves reflect Into Each Others Bodies. they have now swapped bodies. What will they do? the machine also exploded Cuasing a massive wildfire to spread through the entire planet. They must survive on a new planet ,and deal with swapped bodies.

Stewie: (Using Wrench)

(Brian Walks In)

Stewie: Hey Brian, Do You Mind Handing Me That Hammer?

Brian: Sure.

(Brian Gives Stewie The Wrench)

(Too Much Electrical Power Flows Into The Machine)

(The Machine Makes A Beeping Noise Every 2/10 Of A Second)

Brian: Oh Shit!

Stewie: Shit! Get out of here

(3 seconds later)

(Machine Blows Up)

(Nueclear Explosion Shows Up On The Screen)

(The House Is Halfway Destroyed And Covered In Ashes)

Peter: What The Hell?

(Peters In The Restroom)

(Meg Wakes Up From A Nap)

(Meg's Bed Falls Out Of The House)

Brian: I Wonder How The House Suprised.

Stewie: How Much Strength Do You Think It Has Left?

(stewie lightly touches the wall and the entire house collapses)

Chris: What Happened?

chris: The Entire House Is Gone!

Chris: Dad, We Need To Rebuild Our House

Peter: Forget It, There's No Way We will be able to do that.

Stewie: O_O

Stewie: Oh My God. I'm You!

Brian: And I'm You!

Peter And Chris: Brian, Stewie, Meg, Are You All Right?

Meg: Yeah

Brian: Yeah

Stewie: Yes.

Lois: Oh My God, What Happened Here? there's a giant crater!

Chris: All The houses And Roads, And Even Cars Are Gone!

Meg: Look! The Trees Are burning Down!

Chris: (uses phone to check world population) umm... Dad?

Peter: Look.

Phone: Global Human Population Is Currently: 100

Meg: just in case... Use Google map.

Chris: Look At This!

(on google map every single tree in the world is burning down and the oceans have boiled away)

Lois: the world is super dry. Burnt trees, no oceans.

Chris: there's even a giant, super huge crater. As big as Texas.

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(btw the reason the earth didn't become like Venus was because the explosion was powerful enough to strip away more water vapor then the earth was given by the ocean boiling)

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