Steven Universe
Steven Universe is an American animated children's cartoon, created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. The series follows a fat little boy with a diamond in his belly button, living on the beach with three genderless alien women.

Steven Universe in Family Guy

  • In "Kicking Arse", Chris and Meg fused together like gems to take on their ass-kicking enemy. Meg had a red zit-like gem on her face and Chris was implied to have a gem on his penis, where his glans should be. They fused together to make a giant gem called Craig Griffin, who, instead of fighting their ass-kicking enemy, just sang a song it it, and naturally, got it's ass kicked.
  • In "Peter Pan", One of the things Meg did with the LGBT club was do Steven Universe cosplay.
  • In "HttPete", one of the things millennials cared about that Peter flew by on fleek was Steven Universe.
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