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Stella is a deaf employee at Pawtucket Brewery, who uses sign language when she talks and can even read lips. She works at the desk across from Peter's desk, ever since Opie got fired. She is voiced by Marlee Matlin.


Stella starts her career at Pawtucket Brewery, in "The Blind Side", shortly following Opie's job termination. When Peter meets her, he is surprised at astute she is, but she explains that she knows how to read lips. Intrigued, Peter asks if her if without hearing, her other senses have been enhanced, such as if she can smell if he farts from across the room. She explains that she can't smell that, but that due to her extra reliance on vision, she can often notice subtle tells about a person, such as if they have farted, due to slight changes in their body movements. Peter then tries to give an example by uncontrollably spazming while he farts, to the point that she could have been legally blind and still seen it. When Quagmire meets her, he is inspired to hold a disabled ladies night at The Drunken Clam. Stella shows up at Disabled Ladies' night, where a guy hits on her. Stella is somewhat turned off by the fact that this guy still lives with his parents and is completely disengaged, when she finds out that he wants to have sex with her because due to her deafness, she won't be able to hear his parents having sex upstairs, let alone how much longer his dad lasts than him.

When Peter finds out that Stella gets to take cigarette breaks in "Secondhand Spoke", he takes up smoking so he too just so that he can have extra time off from working. While he's taking his cigarette breaks, he hangs out with Stella. They stand outside, smoking and looking really cool and having deep, philosophical talks about life, the universe, and everything.

In "Peter Problems", Peter tries to find out if she is related to Def Leppard but she says no and just disses on the band. When Angela needs to have a private word with Peter, she makes Stella face the wall. After Peter and Angela leave the room, Stella is still facing the wall, unaware that the conversation is over. She says to the wall of her empty room that Angela can give her a tap on the shoulder whenever she's done talking. Some guy takes advantage of this and sneaks in and steals a few of her pens because none of his are working.

In "Call Girl", Stella calls Lois' sex hotline by mistake and places an order for a large pizza with half pepperoni and half cheese. Because she can't hear her over the phone, Stella just keeps talking even after Lois corrects her. Lois feels obligated to come on down to Stella's house with her order and is still wearing her slutty uniform, so it's like an old 80's porn video. Stella assesses the situation and sexually remarks that this party just got a little more interesting.

In "The Most Interesting Man in the World", Peter takes over her business trip to Chicago, while she's away at the deaf games.

In "Mom's the Word", Peter punches Stella in the face, when she asks him to donate to Aid the Silent.

In "One of the Girls", Stella is one of the girls that Lois tries to hang out with.

Stella is one of the many attendees of Peter's roast in "Roasted Guy".

In "The Monitor Monitor", Peter tries to show Stella a funny video on her computer but it keeps getting closed out. Stella is pissed off to hear that Angela is now monitoring everybody's computer screens.

After Peter becomes deaf in "Peter's Def Jam", he turns to Stella for advice on how to cope with his condition.

She is present during the millennial-meeting in "HttPete", when Hammer is introduced as her new superior. Hammer establishes a no-swearing policy, which annoys everyone, including Stella. Stella signs a profanity at him, thinking she can get away with it, but he understands sign language and punishes her, by making her wash her hands with soap.

She can be seen before Angela dismisses the employees early for Christmas in "Don't Be a Dickens At Christmas".

In "Pawtucket Pete", Stella tells Peter about their upcoming new bosses, who turn out to be Bert and Sheila.

In "Trans-Fat", Stella asks Bert and Sheila for some time off for no reason but they decline because she needs to cover Peter's shift, while he takes time off for no reason. Stella can't believe Peter is getting better treatment than her because she's deaf but Bert explains that because Peter is trans, he has less "privilege points" than her. Stella storms off angry at her SJW new bosses.

In "The First No L", Stella contributes to a gag of characters misunderstanding Lois by zipping up like Road Runner and asking if she's telling deaf jokes, knowing that this is her in for getting some screen time. Lois tells her that she's not telling deaf jokes and she doesn't understand how she got that from a completely unrelated sentence. Stella said that because she's deaf, she doesn't know this stuff. The Greased Up Deaf Guy Road Runner zips up there too, also mishearing them, but Stella breaks to him the bad news.


Stella is an adult Caucasian woman with long brunette hair. She wears a purple buttoned shirt, a white work skirt, and black heels, and red lipstick. She occasionally carries over her shoulder, a dark indigo purse.


Stella is a deaf girl who can't hear any noises on account of her disability. Due to her lack of hearing, Stella still manages to communicate with people through sign language. Stella is a very nice, patient, and respectful girl, who has a high tolerance level for Peter's bullshit. She doesn't seem to mind his stupidity at all, most likely because she's deaf and can't hear his ear-gratingly obnoxious voice. In fact, she seems to sympathize with Peter. Not that she partakes in his stupid activities. She just agrees that Peter is totally in the right in every stupid situation he gets himself into. She does not, however, tolerate the bullshit of other people such as Bert and Sheila, who she hates because of their stupidity and liberalism.

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  • It is unknown how Stella went deaf or if she was born that way.
  • She is voiced by the actress Marlee Matlin, who is also deaf.