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Start Me Up is an episode of Family Guy.


Peter's non-stop sweating becomes a liability at his company, so his boss tells him to work from home. Meanwhile, after Stewie and Chris cause thousands of dollars in damage to an electronics store, the two create a fake Kickstarter campaign with Brian to pay back the money.


Peter Works From Home
While Brian tries to return a keyboard, Stewie and Chris' horseplay ends up wrecking the place and leaves Brian with the bill. To pay it off, he decides to launch a kickstarter for a film. After a misfire which involves a call placed to the entire city of New York and another with a video by Stewie, they find they have raised $1,500,000. A table read for their unnamed project doesn't go well, bu they eventually make a film about hockey playing dogs. But when one makes a racist comment, the audience revolts.

Fighting at the Electronics Store

Meanwhile, when the air conditioning goes out in Peter's car, his boss suggests that he works from home due to his sweating. Stunts include a bodega in the living room and complaining to HR after Lois kisses him, and to Super HR when the original HR agent holds his hand. Peter soon begins to wear on Lois' nerves so she decides to turn the entire house into office space. Peter takes the hint and asks his boss if he can return to the office.


Major Roles

Minor Roles


Peter: Nothing like drive time radio to remind me that I don't make enough to afford satellite radio.

Weenie: Hey hey! You're listening to WQHG 97.1 and we are Devin and Lawrence formerly known as Weenie and the Butt.
The Butt: That's right, Devin. Those nicknames no longer fly ever since several women came forth with allegations of sexual misconduct against each of us.

Weenie: And don't forget, Quahog is expected to experience record high temperatures this week, according to our respected meteorologist, Dr. Jessica Sturgeous, formerly known as Weather Girl Aooga Knockerson.

Stewie: I'm going to watch the older boys play Fortnite because I'm not old enough to play Fortnite, myself.

Electronics Store Cashier: Manager, who's dishearteningly younger than me, to the service counter, please.
[A baby enters]
Baby: This better not be another over ring. Corporate's gonna have my ass.

Lois: Well, we can probably throw out this sunflower butter now that Stewie's classmate with the peanut allergy died.

[Peter defuses a bomb]
Peter: Steady ... You can do this. All you gotta do is remember the song you learned in bomb school. [singing] Green is good and red is good and yellow is good and black is good and clip whatever you want.
[Peter blows himself up; A teacher shows the video to his students]
Teacher: Now, who can tell me what he did wrong?
Student: He made up a song about cutting wires?
Teacher: He made up a song about cutting wires. Don't do that, guys.

Judge: Mr. Griffin, you may proceed.
Peter: May it please the court, your honor, opposing counsel, members of the jury, Madame Stenographer, Bailiff Clarence, Snack Cart Steve, elderly widows with paper fans, woman in the third row with a flower hat, Deputy Fife, Boo Radley, Yay Radley, Herman Munster Judge, lazy dog who wandered in due to the heat, crazed Al Pachino, old Robert Duvall, young Robert Duvall, normal Robert Duvall, the books of John Grisham, the defense rests.

Brian: We'll set up a Kickstarter for the three grand we need.
Stewie: But Brian, people don't just donate money on Kickstarter. It has to go toward some sort of project.
Brian: Okay, then we'll say we're making a movie.
Stewie: [dressed as a director] And who will we get to direct?

Peter: Hey, what time is our meeting, Oscar?
Oscar: It's, [slips in Peter's sweat] AAAAAAH!!!
Peter: Sorry. What time is our meeting, AAAAAHscar?

Sheila: God damn, Griffin! You've become a liability in this office!
Peter: Why? Cuz I'm drunk and have a gun?
Bert: No, but your perspiration has become a serious problem! I'm afraid you're going to have to work from home until you get it under control.

Meg: So, dad. Are you excited for your first day of working from home?
Peter: Yes, but I'm very late. Busy dad morning goodbyes.
[Peter goes on a long trip around town only to come back to his house]
Peter: Forgot my phone.

Lois: Being a housewife is a full-time job for some pretty tough bosses. [laughs]
Chris: [ah-ah-hem] Hi. So, is this your break time?
Lois: No, sir.
Chris: Oh, okay, I was wondering if my watch was off. Maybe?
Lois: It's not.
Chris: You see, mom. We try to stay focused on the task at hand here at Griffin Griffin Griffin Griffin Griffin and Griffin.
[Meg answers the phone]
Meg: Good morning, Griffin Griffin Griffin Griffin and Griffin.
Chris: Huh. I thought our letterhead had six Griffins on it, Meg but you were right to leave one of them off ... because you're fucking fired.

[Peter works on the computer and Lois enters]
Lois: Morning handsome. [kisses Peter]
[Peter's eyes widen in shock; Flip transition to HR]
Barbara: Now, Lois. You have been accused of sexual harassment.
Lois: What!?
Barbara: Yes, allegedly you kissed Mr. Griffin against his consent?
Lois: Uh, this is ridiculous!
Barbara: Lois, please. Now the way this works is we simply gather information and I make up my mind an hour ago. Peter, please tell us what happened.
Peter: I'm sitting there at my desk, trying to watch porn on sites you guys haven't figured out yet, and ... [cries] she comes in and kisses me! [sobs]
Barbara: It's okay, Peter. This is a safe space. [comforts Peter by putting her hand on his shoulder]
[Peter looks at her hand in shock; Flip transition to Super HR]
Clayton: It has some to my attention, Barbara, that there have been some accusations of you performing an unwanted touching on Mr. Griffin. Is this true?
Barbara: Wait, no! I-
Clayton: Barbara, please. I asked for Peter's side of the story.
Peter: Yes! She violated me! She deflowered me! I'll never recover from this!
Clayton: Well, that's all the information I need. Barbara, you're in a whole lot of trouble.
Barbara: But you didn't even hear my-
Clayton: Barbara! Enough!
Peter: Oh, thank you so much, Clayton. You're the greatest gay guy I know.
Clayton: Gay? [chuckles] No, Peter. I'm straight.
[Peter's eyes widen in shock; Flip transition to Super Duper HR]
Dorothy: Now, Clayton. The reason you are here at Super Duper HR is there's been an accusation of you being, what we call a "triple threat" or what's more commonly known as a "straight white male" in an overly sexualized work environment.

Brian: Stewie, what's the matter?
Stewie: Our Kickstarter!
Brian: What? Did we not hit our goal?
Chris: I also want to ask a question without looking at the screen?

Dorothy: Okay, I have been made aware of the allegations. Is there anything you can say on your behalf?
Stewie: I'm trans?
Dorothy: You just won HR.

[Peter tries to work, while "Ode To My Family" plays]
Peter: Come on, Peter. Focus. You can do this ... and send!
[Bert checks his email]
Bert: Alright, let's see what Griffin's been up to.
[The email just reads "DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO" a bunch of times]
Bert: Hmph. I've been saying that to corporate for years.

Stewie: We made a film, guys,
Chris: And we even had $300,000 leftover to buy snacks.



  • This is the first episode to air after the corona virus quarantine put the show on hiatus.
    • Three jokes about the corona virus that weren't in the original episode were added in to make this airing more topical. First, a cutaway gag shows that on top of Peter having to work from home, Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe are also working from home due to corona virus. You can tell this was added in because she animation is sloppier, as they didn't have much time to polish the details. Second, Stewie says that Chris stayed in his room during the live table read because of corona virus. This is the only edited in joke that didn't come with bad animation. Lastly, a complaining guy in the movie theater says that he's happy that a movie theater is inexplicably open during the corona virus. You can tell this was added in because the animation loops during this extra dialogue.
  • It's revealed that Weenie and The Butt's real names are Devin and Lawrence, respectively.
  • Peter has hyperhydrosis, meaning he sweats profusely, more so than the normal amount, when placed in situations and environments with high temperatures.
  • A peanut-allergic classmate of Stewie's dies.
  • The Griffin House is treated like a company run by The Griffin Family, called "Griffin Griffin Griffin Griffin Griffin & Griffin". The structure of the house is occasionally manipulated to better resemble an office complex and new residents of the house are randomly added in for the sake of telling jokes.

Cultural References

  • This episode takes place during the outbreak of Covid-19.
  • Weenie and the Butt get victimized by the #MeToo movement.
  • Peter had Captain Crunch cereal for breakfast.
  • Brick and Mortar Electronics is a pun on Rick and Morty.
  • Stewie watches kids play Fortnite.

Deleted Scenes

  • Cutaway gag to Peter playing poker.
  • Meg watching a Jewish version of Indiana Jones.
  • Peter telling Meg that he's going to be a Southern lawyer before it happens.
  • Chris not understanding math.
  • Peter asking ridiculous questions about how he's become a liability.
  • Peter talking to a prostitute.
  • Peter's secret gay boyfriend texting him again.
  • Stewie, Chris, and Brian calling the entire city of New York on the phone.
  • Extended scene of Peter shredding papers.
  • Peter placing a tall order with the airport people.
  • Lois says that she's only playing the "Doo Doo Doo Doo" part of "Ode to My Family" and Peter saying that it's the catchiest part of the song.
  • Bruce talks about bananas and melon balls over the phone.
  • Chris explains his joke about movie theater snacks.
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