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Stan Smith
Stan Smith
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Stanley Leonard Smith




CIA Angent

Stanley "Stan" Leonard Smith is the main character of American Dad!. He has made a few cameo appearances in Family Guy.


In the episode Lois Kills Stewie, Stewie snuck into the CIA, where Stan Smith and Avery Bullock happened to be working. The two of them talked about a rumour about Rob Schneider, that was started up by Peter. Later, when Stewie was trying to hack into the computer, he was busted, and Stan and Avery both came out with their guns to punish him.

In the episode Excellence in Broadcasting, Brian says that he's officially become a republican. The very pleased, die-hard republican Stan Smith is seen watching him on TV, from his own house, congratulating him for making that decision.

In the episode Bigfat, The Griffin Family went to visit their new neighbors, which turned out to be The Smith Family. Stan opened the door and Peter responded by saying "Joe! You can walk!" When they walked into the house, the entire main cast was there. Peter saw Roger out of costume and called Quagmire, blowing Roger's cover, resulting in him being shot dead by Stan's infamous gun, much to the shock of everyone else. Fortunately, it turned out that this entire sequence was just a dream.

At the end of "Regarding Carter", Peter mentioned guns and brought up stand smith, to segway their show into the new episode of American Dad. Lois reminded him that their show wasn't on after them, anymore, since it was transferred to TBS.

Episode Appearances


  • It is a running gag for characters to mistake Stan for Joe, because both of them are big, strong men with chiseled chins and deep voices. In the episode Lois Kills Stewie, Stewie mistook him for Joe, and in Bigfat, Peter mistook him for Joe and was surprised by the fact that he could walk.
  • Originally, there was going to be a scene in April in Quahog, where Stan and the entire Smith Family made a cameo appearance, but this idea was scrapped for time and reused in the episode Bigfat.
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