Sing What You See
Sing What You See is a song sung by a baptist choir, including Stewie and Brian in "This Little Piggy".


Director: Sing what you see, sing what you see
Brother Roscoe, what do you see?
Brother Roscoe: Oh, I a see Howard Johnsons billboard
Choir: Sing what you see
Brother Roscoe: Sister Holly!
Sister Holly: Uh, huh.
An old red barn that needs a paint job
Choir: Sing what you see
Sister Holly: Sister Mahalia!
Sister Mahalia: Oh, yeah.
A hitchhiking man, who I know is a rapist
Choir: Sing what you see.
Sister Mahalia: Brother Lee Roy!
Brother Lee Roy: Mmm-hmm.
A roadkill raccoon that's still moving.
Choir: Sing what you see.
Brother Lee Roy: Stewie!
Stewie: A boy in a truck too young to drive.
Choir: Sing what you see.
Stewie: Brian!
Brian (Speaking): Oh, uhhh,
All (Speaking): Awww.
Female Voice (Speaking): You ruined it!
Male Voice (Speaking): Come on, man!
Director (Speaking): How about let's just see what we see, and instead of singing it, we'll just keep it to ourselves.

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