Sexy Party
A Sexy Party is a party, where a bunch of sexy girls in bikinis run around, dancing to music, usually while a male sea captain plays with them. It has become a running gag for Stewie to throw sexy parties with a bunch of these girls.


From Method to Madness

Stewie drinks wine and throws a sexy party.

Model Misbehavior

While Stewie is on the subject of models, he throws a sexy party.

The Fat Guy Strangler

After being around the fat guy stranger, Stewie celebrates his skinniness, by throwing a sexy party.

Brian the Bachelor

Stewie throws a bachelor party of his own and throws a sexy party.


One of the inappropriate TV shows on PTV is of Stewie throwing a sexy party.

The Courtship of Stewie's Father

Stewie throws a sexy party, this time, inviting Peter. Peter gets aroused by the sexy ladies, and invites a few of them up to his room. Stewie has no idea what they're doing up there, as he doesn't fully understand sexy parties.

Stewie Loves Lois

Stewie throws a sexy party, this time, inviting Lois. Lois gets annoyed with all the sexy ladies, but then has a conversation with one of them, where it comes about that she had sex with Peter, (in a callback to the sexy party from "The Courtship of Stewie's Father")

Dog Gone

Stewie throws a "Not Very Sexy Party", with a bunch of fat girls in bikinis. They run around, having their sexy party, before the fat girls all get tired from too much movement and pass out on the ground. Stewie appropriately quotes "Not very sexy."

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