Seneth Baker
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Seneth Baker

Full Name:

Seneth Joseph Baker






"It's Greed." ".........What?" "I want money, women, sex, power!" "Oh......You're the one he talks bad to.."

Seneth Joseph Baker or known as "Greed" is Riley's old friend from detroit and an 18 year old boy who has super natural power when he was born. He has the power to use the carbon in his body and transform his skin as hard as diamond, (he has the same name as Homunculus Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist).


It has said that Seneth had super natural powers when he was born, he actually mean't when he was at least five years old, both him and his best friend Marceline Jenkinson. He was five when he became greedy for much of everything, he wanted beautiful women, money, power, and glory.

Greed Lao

Seneth (Greed) using his powers in Family Guy: The Anime Guys


Seneth is a very avaricious character, despite his nickname Greed, his "full" nickname is "Greed the Avaricious". He first appeared in the first episode of Family Guy: The Anime Guys, trying to find his old friend from detroit, he went door-to-door asking Peter Griffin, Joe Swanson, and Glenn Quagmire. He asks Quagmire if he had seen him, Glenn's response was that he was in hell.

Fighting Style

Seneth's fighting style is just as good as Ed, except that he has powers beyond his controll.
Fullmetal Alchemist - 55 - Large Preview 01

Greed the Avaricious (Seneth) VS Speed walker (Sonikku)

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