• Opie and Peter and Foaud and Brian and Chris and Cleveland and Quagmire and Bob and Jack raise the money for the earnings and they earn it and exits the house. Opie drives to the waterfront and then they go and then finds Jack Ferrara to know he is assassin and then calls him and then Opie declines it. Opie gets back in his car and then drives into a road with a detour and keeps extra caution away at all times and then gets away from the detour signal. Opie goes to the house that Isaac and Fern are being kept in and then Opie stops and then he enters Isacc's yard and into his house.
  • Opie finds Isaac and Fern on the signal that there on while doing yoga and then Opie says hi to them and then leaves before the Balla's and the Ferrara Mafia's and the Vagos and the Compton Families and the Defense Force arrive and then Opie leaves Isaac's house. Opie gets in his car and then he heads to the train station and then he stops and stops at the train station. At the train station Opie has the Balla's and the Ferrara Maria's and the Vagos and the Compton Families and the Defenss Force arrives and then Opie kills them. During a chase Opie has the Compton Families after him and then he kills them and then blows up there car. Opie takes there there guns from the first car that were dead and then the second group arrives and then Opie kills the second group and then the third group arrive and then Opie kills them.
  • Opie drives to his home safe and quickly to the house. Opie enters his house and knows that he is safe and then checks the satellites. Opie goes under the bed to find something creepy. Opie searches all over the place and then Isaac talks to him.


  • Opie as Julian Glover
  • Peter Griffin as Seth MacFarlane
  • Foaud as Seth Rogen
  • Chris Griffin as Seth Green
  • Brian Griffin as Seth MacFarlane
  • Cleveland Brown as Mike Henry
  • Glenn Quagmire as Seth MacFarlane
  • Bob Powell as Jason Jones
  • Jack Ferrara as Seth Green
  • Isaac Odor as Andrew Lincoln
  • Fern as Doug Jones
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