Bonnie:Sarah is in Labour
Joe:What Sarah Darling Your Gonna be alright bonnie get her coat
Kevin:what do you want me to do dad
Joe:nout ok kevin your sister is gonig into Labour
Dr Hartman:Sarah Your Doing fine
Qaugmire is this where babies come from
Joe:[Shouting At Quagmire] Shut up My Daughter is in Labour
Bonnie:push Sarah Push come on you can do it
Dr Hartman:here The WeelChair and there the baby

Lois:Sarah im so happy for you

Brain :Sarah wife are you ok

Joe:you left her in labour
Sarah:ow i think i went into labour again dad oww
Joe: push sarah push


Sarah She and he Beautiful dad
Joe:they sure are
Stewie:Brain has a daughter and son now
Meg:awww Jennifer And Stanley are so cute
Riley: Aww really? Let me-- what the hell are these?

Riley: Son, you better get the fuck out of here and go back to wherever the hell you came from.


Sarah: Riley you know I hate this game.

Riley: Bitch, if you don't like it, you can go somewhere else.

Alexandria: Riley!

Riley: What?


Sarah: Oh Beyblades, can i play?

Edward: Ok.

Riley: You do know how to play right?

Sarah: Oh sure.

Vincent: Really?

Sarah: No not really.

Riley: That's what I hought so watch and learn.


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