Rupert the Bear


Rupert the Bear is Stewie's teddy bear. Although Rupert is an inanimate object, Stewie treats him like a real person, often having conversations with him and taking him wherever he goes.


In "Mind the Baby Gap", Stewie talked to Rupert and played with him. Brian insulted Stewie for his teddy bear. Stewie treated Rupert like his minion, during his latest plan to kill Lois.

In "Brian Griffin: Portrait of a Dog", Stewie smacks Rupert across the room for not calling the engineer.

In "Death is a Bitch", Stewie told Rupert his plans on how to kill Lois and he yelled at Rupert for poking holes in his plans. When Stewie's plan failed, he yelled at Rupert for apparently saying "I told you so."

In "The King is Dead", Stewie told Rupert to wish him luck, when he went up on stage.

In "Brian in Love", Brian put Rupert on his puddle of pee to make it look like it was Stewie's pee.

In "Chitty Chitty Death Bang", Rupert was out on Stewie's birthday.

In "Road to Rhode Island", Stewie took Rupert with him on his visit to grandma and grandpa's house. Of course, this mean he took him with him in his backpack for his whole journey back home with Brian.


In the first three seasons of the show, Rupert was a brown teddy bear. In the fourth season, onwards, Rupert was an orange teddy bear.


Rupert is an inanimate object, so he doesn't have a personality.

Episode Appearances


  • In the first three seasons of the show, Rupert was brown. Ever since season 4, Rupert has been orange.
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