Rocky Dennis
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Rocky Dennis

Roy Lee "Rocky" Dennis is a boy who was born with an extremely rare disfiguring disease known as craniodiaphyseal dysplasia. He lived to be 16 years old. His life was the basis of the 1985 drama movie, Mask. In Family Guy, he is still in his teenage years and he's a student at James Woods Regional High School.


In the episode Petarded, Peter burned Lois' face with boiling hot grease and told her that she looks like Eric Stoltz from Mask. A cutaway then showed Rocky Dennis and Diana Adams on a date together. When Rocky told Diana to feel his face, she started to get completely freaked out and disgusted, saying that although you shouldn't judge someone by their looks, there's a limit.

In the episode A Fistful of Meg, Meg was being punched in the face repeatedly by Michael Paluski, which caused her to become pretty. A kid told him to punch Rocky Dennis, but then Rocky happily said that he was appeased with what he was all about, and recieved an applaud from the rest of the students.

In the episode This Little Piggy, Rocky was playing himself in another movie called Rocky Dennis the Menace, where his character was basically the same person as Dennis the Menace. In the movie clip shown, Rocky sprayed Mr. Wilson with a water hose, making him get angry. He was about to have one of his famous freak out, but when he saw that it was Rocky who did that, he stopped and said that his wife told him that he wasn't allowed to get mad at him anymore.

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