Road House is a running gag in Family Guy, wherein Peter Griffin roundhouse kicks something or someone and then looks menacingly into the camera as he says "Road House", in reference to the 1980's action film, "Road House".


Brian's Got a Brand New Bag

Peter Griffin buys the DVD from a going out of business sale at Quahog Video. After watching the film, Peter begins to believe that all of life's problems can be solved by kicking. After kicking his target, he would say the film's name as a catchphrase of sorts. The episode was dedicated to Swayze, having aired only 47 days after Swayze's death from pancreatic cancer.

Trading Places

Peter says the name of the film in the same manner as before.

Peter Gets Served

A bar fight breaks out at The Drunken Clam and Peter kicks a black guy in the face, saying "Road House".

Business Guy

Call Girl

Peter had explosive diarrhea and shits all over the house and then says "Brown House".

Family Guy Viewer Mail #2

During the segment, "Chap of the Manor", Lydia tells Neville that she loves living in a row house. Neville turns to the camera and says "Row house" in the same manner as his American counterpart's utterance of "Road House".

Chap Stewie

Peter uses all of the downstairs electrical outlets to make a bunch of toasters go off at the same time. After all the toasters go off in perfect synch, Peter says "Toast house."

The Simpsons Guy

During Peter's fight with Homer Simpson, Peter punches Homer out and steals the latter's catchphrase, "Woohoo!" Homer retaliates by roundhouse kicking him to the ground and saying "Road House!"

Don't Be a Dickens at Christmas

Peter falls asleep after watching a Patrick Swayze Christmas movie and dreams he is visited by Patrick's ghost. The duo both say several variations of Peter's Road House phrase.

Switch the Flip

Peter switches bodies with Herbert the Pervert, leading to the latter having sex with Lois. When a dissatisfied Lois starts to suspect "Peter" isn't really who he is, Herbert pretends to still be Peter, by giving off a half-assed chortle and then quoting "The movie Road House."

Girl, Internetted

Lois snorts a line of Pancresta and ferociously barks "Road House!". Peter follows that by quoting "Road House" as well and finally, Sam Elliot says "Road House" and adds "... is a movie I was in."

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