Once Again, Stewie Thinks That His Family Is A Bunch Of Morons, And He Tries To Prevent Himself From Being Born.

Stewie: I've had it, I might've thought last time that I belong here, but now I've realized that's a complete lie.

Brian: do you still have your time machine?

Stewie: what do you think? Duh, yes!

Brian: so... Is this the last time I'll be seeing you?

Stewie: pretty much.

(Hugs Brian)

Brian: goodbye, Nice Travels.

Stewie: time machine is all ready.

(1 breaking up Lois and Peter seen later)

Stewie: rupert, I'm starting to fade away. We will have never met.

Stewie: Rupert: before I fully fade away, I know you won't remember me, hopefully you gain a new compainion.

(fades away completely)

(complete darkness and silence)


Stewie: where am I?

Doctor 1: It's A Girl!

Stewie: I've been reborn, but I feel different.

Doctor 2: welcome to the world.

Stewie: (looks outside) it's snowing? But it's April.

Stewie: I must be Canadian.

Stewie: wait, did the doctor just say a girl?

Stewie: well, today has been a rough day, actually one of my first.

(taken home)

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