Wrath Jenkinson
Rasu Jenkinson

Full Name:

Wrath Jenkinson

Full Nickname:

Wrath the Furious



First Appearance:

Family Guy: The Anime Guys Episode 23



Rasu Jenkinson is Marceline 's ten year old brother, and has the nickname "Wrath". Wrath's nickname is one of the seven deadly sins, like Greed and Edward Lopez, he has powers like Seneth, He has a very bad temper when it comes to insulting him and his family. Wrath is very kind to his family, including his older sister, mother and father, despite his rage for being angry, he has a happy place for when he had ever been to mad.


Just like Edward and Alphonse, he can use alchemy without transmutation circle, his first use of alchemy is when he was fighting Paul , he used his first alchemy to change his hand into a curved sword like rock, to kill him.

Wrath's first use of Alchemy

When he was about to kill Paul, he was stopped by his older sister, Marceline. She exclaimed to him that killing Paul will not bring happiness to her, just more pain, he stopped. Paul ran away to tell what had happened to someone, after awhile Marceline and Rasu invited Ed, Al, Riley, Alexandria, Seneth, Sonikku to a diner somewhere downtown while their parents are away on vacation for two whole months. Normally their family would tell a story on what happened in their life.


  • Marceline Jenkinson (sister)
  • Jean Jenkinson (father)
  • Mira Jenkinson (Mother)
  • Edward Lopez (future brother-in-law)
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