Randall Carrington
Randall Carrington is the second husband of Carol West, after her divorce with Evan Johnson. He appeared in "Brothers & Sisters".


A year after her divorce with Evan Johnson, Carol decided it was time for her to find a new boyfriend. She went on a dating website and Randall Carrington was the first person she found. She immediately jumped on the opportunity to date him and she instantly fell in love with him. Like with her ex-husband, Carol married Randall after a mere six months. When her family found out about the proposal, they were all ecstatic to hear the news. The question of whether this marriage would actually last not not was merely glossed over by her Babs and Carol assured her that their marriage would last forever. Initially, Carter spent a frivolous $8.5 million on their wedding, but wanting to ensure that this wedding was more "meaningful" than Carol's previous marriage, by springing for another $8.5 million, making whopping a $17 million wedding. Being a rich person from Upperclass Heights himself, Randall's father, Reginald Carrington, offered to help pay the extra $8.5 million himself, but Carter insisted on paying it all himself.

The wedding was fancy, extravagant, and wonderful in all ways. Randall and Carol fell into each other's arms and they were certain this was meant to be. At the after party, Randall felt delightfully honored to meet all the member of The Griffin Family. Feeling bad about his family not paying any money for the ceremony, Randall took it upon himself to buy every guest at the wedding a highly expensive gift. Little did he know, a few of these gifts were not only high-priced, but also high-maintenance. The gift he bought for Peter was a rare tropical parrot, whose species was endangered. This meant that Peter was stuck with the responsibility of feeding it and taking care of it, so that it wouldn't die. Randall didn't even bother to buy Peter any parrot food or a cage so he had to spend a bunch of money on that stuff, which really drove him crazy.

Carol and Randall's marriage lasted for six months before Carol finally divorced him for being such an idiot. Again, this threw the rest of the family into a frenzy now that they knew this whole thing was another lie and another huge waste of money. Carter yelled at his employees, Lois and Babs comforted Carol once again, and everything just happened again the same way it did before. When Peter learned about their divorce, he decided that because of the fact that Carol and Randall's marital bond was broken, he didn't have the obligation to take care of the parrot anymore, so he released it into the wild and stopped caring about it.

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