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Rallo Tubbs
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Rallo Tubbs
Full name

Montclair Lawson Tubbs




Kindergarten Student


Donna Tubbs-Brown (mother)
Cleveland Brown (stepfather)
Roberta Tubbs (older sister)
Cleveland Jr. (older stepbrother
Broderick Brown (step uncle)
Cecelia Moreno (stepsister-in-law)
Robert Tubbs (biological Father)
Rock Hudson (pet dog)

Montclair "Rallo" Lawson Tubbs is the biological son of Donna and the stepson of Cleveland. He is a thuggish, hormonally charged prankster, who plays with action figures and watches cartoons, as much as he drinks beer and hits on women. He was originally a main cast member on The Cleveland Show, and is now a major recurring character on Family Guy, following The Cleveland Show's cancellation. He is voiced by Mike Henry.


Rallo's first appearance in Family Guy was in the episode "The Splendid Source", where the guys visited Cleveland's house in Virginia. Rallo was at the dinner table with them.

He was indirectly mentioned in the episode "Baby, You Knock Me Out", when Donna said that she had to pick up three of her kids. One from school, one from soccer practice, and one from prison. Rallo was most likely the one who she had to pick up from soccer practice.

In the episode "It's a Trap!", Family Guy ran out of their own characters to play the new Star Wars characters, so they started using American Dad! and The Cleveland Show characters. Rallo played the role of Nein Numb.

Rallo made her first post-The Cleveland Show appearance in the episode "He's Bla-ack!", where he and his family moved back into Quahog again, officially making him a recurring character in Family Guy. He tried befriending Stewie, but was quickly rejected, being called a "Boondocks rip-off". He later befriended Chris, who was actually nice to him. He read to him about Dwayne Johnson and they got into a wrestling match with each other.

In the episode "He's Bla-ack!", he started going to Stewie's pre-school. He had to get used to not being the coolest kid in school anymore, with Stewie now holding that title. He eventually started outshining Stewie, and being much cooler than he was, which only started a "cool war" between the two. In the end, they stopped fighting and became friends.

In "A White for the Coloreds", Rallo hated white people because of the racism that came from The Griffins.

In "A Shot in the Dark", Rallo was mad at Peter for shooting Junior.

In "Hot Shots", Rallo got the measles from some diseased kid.

In "Pal Stewie", Rallo became friends with Hudson and wanted to form a black-specific relationship with him but Hudson told him that he doesn't want to be defined by his race and Rallo understood.


Rallo is an African-American five year old boy with a giant black afro. He wears a cyan shirt, blue pants, and red and white shoes.


Rallo is a jive-and-trash-talking little boy, who has tons of sass. Rather than acting like an immature child, he acts like an immature adult but with occasional childlike qualities.

Episode Appearances

Note: Any episode prior to "He's Bla-ack!", Rallo was only a character on The Cleveland Show, and only made referential cameos on Family Guy. His first appearance as a series regular was in the aforementioned episode.


  • Rallo's voice actor, Mike Henry, used to make prank calls to radio stations, using the false name "Rallo". This is where his character's nickname originated from.
    • For an in-universe explanation for his nickname being Rallo, an episode of The Cleveland Show, "American Prankster", had Donna explaining that he got the idea for it from a character of the same name in the show, Sanford and Son.
    • It's possible that Donna hated long names and decided to give him the nickname Rallo.