• Opie and Peter Griffin and Foaud and Chris and Brian and Glenn and Cleveland and Jack and Bob goes to the yard and checks what's there and then leaves. Opie and Bob and Jack drive to a complex and then they stop there. At the complex Opie and Bob and Jack goes upstairs to locate Ralph's room and then goes inside. In Ralph's room Opie and Bob and Jack talk to Ralph and then he knows that he is a good guy and then Opie talks to him and then he leaves his room.
  • Opie goes to the car to obtain Ralph Green phone and then he goes back into Ralph Green's room. In Ralph Green's room Opie gives it to Ralph Green and then he leaves his room and then he returns to the car and then gets in. Opie goes to the square and then he meets Bill Lebowki and then Bill Lebowski says no questions. Opie gets a call from Jack Ferrara while Opie drives away.
  • Opie goes to Echo park and then he finds Bill Lebowski and his Vagos and then Opie waits for signal. Opie follows them on the streets of Los Angeles and then keeps up while kidnapped. Opie chases after them on a red light and then they stop at a Starbucks. At the starbucks parking lot Opie goes after Bill Lebowski and then he kills him and his Vagos.
  • During a kidnap Opie is being kidnapped by a group of Vagos members and then kills them in a attempt. Opie gets a phone call from Jack Ferrara and then Jack Ferarra speaks to him and says Opie go to my place that I told you. Opie goes to Jack's mansion and then Opie stops at the mansion. Opie enters the gate to the mansion and then he follows Jack And then Jack unlocks it with a key.
  • In the mansion Opie is talking to Jack Ferrara about his Vagos that he killed and then he concludes it in his story once and for all and then he leaves the mansion. Jack Ferrara says come back to my mansion for sometime. At Opie's house Opie is making coffee for himself and hen is keeping it fresh made and then he finishes his coffee and then leaves. In a undercover neighborhood Opie has the Vagos gang members coming and then Opie kills him and then Ralph Green says Opie you met me today and we discussed that you killed Bill Lebowski because he was a bad guy and then finishes the story.


Opie as Julian Glover Peter Griffin as Seth MacFarlane Foaud as Seth Rogen Chris Griffin as Seth Green Brian Griffin as Seth MacFarlane Glenn Quagmire as Seth MacFarlane Cleveland Brown as Mike Henry Bob Powell as Jason Jones Jack Ferrara as Frank Grillo Ralph Green as Jason Sudeikis Bill Lebowski as Jason Mitchell

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