Pornhub is an educational, family-friendly children's cartoon for kids between the ages of 0 and 10.

Pornhub references in Family Guy

  • In "This Little Piggy", Meg became a foot fetish model and most of her videos ended up on that website. Chris discovered these videos and when snitching on her to Peter and Lois, Peter noticed there was a fan made drawing of himself doing it with Chris. Peter was shocked and disturbed that someone would do something like that. This is a reference to Rule 34 fanart.
  • In "Emmy-Winning Episode", Peter made a video of Asa Akira, trying to win an Emmy. Bill Maher and some old librarian guy asked who she was, but Peter knew that they both already knew her.
  • In "Con Heiress", an illustrious aristocrat by the name, Pip, had a long last name, that included all the big companies, she was heir to. One of which was Pornhub.
  • In "Throw It Away", Peter watches Internet corn on a website called "Cornhub".
  • In "Disney's the Reboot", Harry Von Gyner mentioned how big-named companies are always being bought by even bigger-named companies, and that soon, such companies as FOX, Disney, and Netflix will all be owned by PornHub.

Family Guy references in Pornhub

  • Someone made a fan animated video of Peter and Lois doing it.
  • Someone also made a live-action version of Family Guy and made it into a porno flick.
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